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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

GG Fic: Sometimes You Do (1/40)

Title: Sometimes You Do

Summary:  All that mattered was that Rory Gilmore was slowly, painfully, finally going home.

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Pairing: Rory, Dean, Lorelai, Luke, et. al., Rory/Dean

A/N:  Okay.  So.  Here it is.  This fic is REALLY long and will probably take me ten years to post, even though it is complete.  This is the latest installment of the Redemptive!Dean verse, so if you're not a fan of Dean Forester, you might want to turn back now, especially if the notion of Dean/Rory squicks you out for whatever reason.  I make no promises on how this story ends up in terms of their relationship, but it explores it quite thoroughly over the next 40 chapters or so.  (Yes, 40, I am that wordy.)  If anyone wants a detailed clarification on the timeline of this verse, I can try to put something together, but I'll just say this is a future fic and it takes place about a year after the last fic in this verse, which was the lovely "Summer Project" by sendintheklowns .

A/N 2:  This is a long piece, so I have a decent list of acknowledgments.  First, thanks to geminigrl11  for a fast beta.  It was a remarkably effort and I appreciate it greatly.  Second, thanks to piratelf , who gave me a thorough read through to make sure that the story arc made sense and worked.  Her insights were greatly useful and improved the story a great deal.  Now she just needs to finish her own fic...  And last, but really not least, sendintheklowns  is basically the reason I write.  She humors me, she plots with me, she reads my work time and time again.  She's my cheerleader, my slave driver--my everything.  I have been working on this piece for well over a year now, and I'm sure she remembers every up and down I've had with it.  This fic is because of her, and so I dedicate it to her utter awesomeness, which she shares with me day after day (after day!).

A/N 3: This chapter is slow, I know.  But it's a 40 chapter fic.  Exposition has to occur!  Please, indulge me, just a bit :)

Disclaimer:  So not mine.


Part of her wondered if she should have traveled by plane.  It would have been faster, after all, and after years away from home, it wasn't like she didn't have plenty of experience.  She even had some frequent flyer miles, but the airline was incredible stingy about those, and when they tried to tell her that flying to Alabama would be much nicer than flying to Connecticut, she figured it just wasn't worth the effort.

Or the money.  Not that money was really an issue.  She had money, her own and her grandparents.  In fact, at the mere mention of being homesick the last few years, first class plane tickets had showed up in her mailbox nearly instantaneously.  Apparently, her homesickness paled in comparison to how sick her home was for want of her.

Okay, yes, that was a self-centered way of looking at it, but really.  With grandparents like hers, it was true.  Her mother was a bit more subtle about it, but it held true there, too.

And either way, after four years away from home, she missed it, too.  She missed the low-traffic streets, the eccentric group of people who made up the microcosm that was Stars Hollow, the way that everybody knew everybody and how she had a usual down at Luke's Diner.  Well, not exactly a usual, since her usual was variable from day to day, but usually Luke always knew to bring her coffee, just the way she liked it, even if he groused about it.  Which, really, was all that mattered. 

Life on the road, life in big cities--it was so anonymous.  That was why she'd left the campaign trail to begin with--it had been exciting, yes, but Rory found that her small town background gave her a low tolerance for excessive excitement.  Besides, not knowing what city she was in day-to-day, and sometimes even moment-to-moment, made her slightly schizophrenic. 

The job in question, the one she'd quit--or had been fired from, depending on who she was telling--had settled her in Detroit, which wasn't as far away as she could have gotten from Stars Hollow, but certainly far enough.  The San Francisco Chronicle had offered a position, but that was too close to Logan, and the Detroit Free Press simply offered her more variety in what she wrote.  Front page articles.  Even the editorial, from time to time.

It wasn’t quite the New York Times, but it was a solid career-maker.  But, even with her name in print, no one cared about who she was or what she did.  It was rather a change for her, this sudden lack of prestige, and she liked to think it wasn't just her ego that took a hit, but her need for companionship.  She didn't care if she was famous; she just wanted to be a person sometimes.

Which was maybe why she was coming home.  That and the fact that she'd sort of quit her job.

Sort of, as in completely and totally.  As in, she'd had a meltdown in the office and told everyone how wrong they were and how real journalism wasn't just cold hard facts and that the problem with the press today wasn't bias or sensationalism but a lack of connection between the people and their constituents.  All very true, all very noble.  Very Jerry Maguire in the best sense.  She'd shown her boss the money, and he'd pretty much shown her the door.

Not quite fired, but told to leave if she couldn't shut her trap and do her job.  So she quit, citing irreconcilable differences.  Part of her thought her boss should care.

He didn't.

Her mom knew, so her grandparents knew, but the town didn't.  So flying seemed like too much of a huge affair.  And, besides, it would cost a fortune to have her stuff shipped cross country.  Because she had stuff.  Plenty of it.  Even with a room full still at her mother's house, it was remarkable how much she still had collected.

Also, she'd never rented a truck before.  And how hard could it be?  Sure she was spending an arm and a leg on the diesel fuel for the thing, not to mention the ridiculous daily price to truck all the way from Michigan.  But it was an adventure. In the truest sense of the word, since she really didn't have a great sense of direction, nor did she have tons of experience driving stick.

And so she was afraid to get out at rest stops during the night and had taken out one drive-thru sign by neglecting the height of her vehicle.  But that was what insurance was for, wasn't it?

It didn't matter.  None of it mattered.  All that mattered was that Rory Gilmore was slowly, painfully, finally going home.

What happened next--well, that was anyone's guess.


It was just like it always had been.  Simple, homey, familiar.  Stars Hollow.  Forever and always.

Her windows were down and her radio was blaring.  All in all, a good way to finish this leg of her journey--at least roads that she knew this time around, which helped her avoid the multiple "detours" she'd been taking throughout her trek.  And Connecticut was just pretty.  Prettier than the flatlands, prettier than the industrialized cities.  It was just pretty.  And scenic.  And home.

She was even mildly proficient with the standard transmission by this point, which was good.  She was tired of killing the engine when traffic backed up behind her.  She figured that traffic was probably pretty tired of that, too.  Though that was supposed to be their problem, that didn't save her from the embarrassment. 

After all, she was an adult.  A fully capable adult who simply struggled with something like a stick shift.  Totally normal.  Sane people bought automatics anyway.  Besides, with the journey so close to an end, her driving capabilities (or lack thereof) was really a moot point.

Needless to say, she was dirty and she was tired and she was glad to be home.

Her heart felt warmer just turning onto the familiar streets of Stars Hollow.  People she recognized were milling about.  Doing their normal business.  Just like she'd never left.

That was the appeal of this place.  The appeal and the reason she'd probably wanted to leave.  Routine was safe; it was also boring.

Which was why it was good to break away from and just as nice to come back to for a reprieve.  Until her situation was sorted out, anyway.  She just needed to update her resume, regroup, and figure out which adventure was next for her.  Maybe global traveling.  Green Peace, perhaps, though they probably wouldn't be thrilled to know how horrendous her gas mileage was on her trip out here. 

But something.  Something new and grand and noble and wonderful.  Because life was hers and she was going to take it for all it was worth.  She didn't even need a plan, even though the whole concept of going without one went against her nature.  Not knowing what came next was not her way, but she was changing.  Growing up.  She could do this.  She was doing this.  Just let Stars Hollow see her now.  They'd sent her off in style, and she would come back to them and they would see her as the success story they'd craved all along.

And they did--see her, that is.  The success part, maybe not quite yet.  Because she was hardly turned onto the main street of town when her truck spluttered--once, twice--before giving a horrific cough, and died.  Smoke hissed from the hood and when she turned the key and pressed the clutch...nothing.

It was dead.

Deader than a doornail.  Perfect.

At midday, the entire town would see her there, sitting upon her truck of glory.  The rumors would be flying before she even got a chance to call her mother.

Even as she was thinking it, there Taylor already was, a little grayer up top than usual, same stuffy fashion sense, same zealous way of moving as he charged onto the street in partial awe and partial horror.

"You can't park this here!" he cried.  "You'll block all my customers!"

"Hi, Taylor," she called, smiling and waving and ignoring him entirely.  It hardly seemed worth the effort to explain that his customers all walked to his store and that they all knew where it was, anyway, so her blocking the sign wasn't actually that big of deal.

"But you can't!" he exclaimed.  "I know you've been away, but surely you remember!"

She pushed open her door, clamoring out.  Her legs felt stiff and there was a crick in her back.  "I think I kind of have to," she explained.  "I think it's kind of dead."

A crowd was gathering, from inside the store, from surrounding stores.  Whispering and wide-eyesd.

"But my store!" Taylor wailed.

She smiled sheepishly, tucking a strand of greasy hair behind her ear.

A ticker-tape parade, it was not.  And it was exactly what she should have expected when she loaded the truck up.  This was just the way life was for her, for people in Stars Hollow.  It was almost reassuring in its utter awkwardness.  Almost, but not quite.

Welcome home, Rory Gilmore.


"You couldn't just come in quietly, could you?" was the first thing her mother said to her when she entered Luke's Diner.

Rory grinned at her.  "It wouldn't be very Gilmore-like of me, would it?" Rory said back, shrugging her shoulders.  True, it had been slightly mortifying, but certainly not anything out of the realm of her experience.  Not that she often had her U-Haul die on main streets in small towns, but she was used to finding the limelight unexpectedly.  It sort of went with the territory of being Rory Gilmore, in Stars Hollow or otherwise.

Lorelai sidled into the seat across from her.  "I see you've already gotten back into your old ways," she said, nodding at the cup of coffee in her hand.

"Never got out of them," Rory said.  "Besides, it seemed wrong not to stop by since the truck broke down so close to the diner.  I knew Luke would be thrilled to see me."

"Oh, yes," Lorelai said, looking over her shoulder at Luke, who was having a flustered exchange with Ceasar at the window.  "He looks quite thrilled."

"He's just your typical guy," Rory explained.  "Reluctant to show his feelings.  The repressed emotions of American machoism.  Not to be confused with the Mexican brand, which is, in fact, much more severe."

"More severe?" Lorelai asked, raising her eyebrows.  "You mean there is a breed of man less communicative than Luke Danes?"

"It's a scary thought, but all too true," Rory said.

"So you mean my crush on guys named Pablo who are rough and strong is only because of a stereotype?"

"Of the worst kind," Rory supplied.  "You are partially responsible for cultural repression."

"Now I have to turn my attention to Italian men."

"Ah, one cultural stereotype for the next.  Sometimes, I forget where I am."

"Home sweet home," Lorelai said.  "What are you going to do about the truck?"

"I thought about leaving it there and setting up home."

"I think the rental company might object."

"I could buy them out," Rory offered.

"How about you just get it fixed," Lorelai suggested.  "You know, they've invented these crazy places called car repair shops.  I'm not sure if you've seen them in your vast experience in the real world."

"Seen them, no," Rory said, taking a sip of her coffee.  "But heard of them, yes.  I just wasn't sure such aspects of civilization had reached Stars Hollow."

"Yes, even with our provincial ways, we have car repair shops.  In fact, we even have tow trucks."

"Ooh, more than one?"

"I do believe there are two," Lorelai said.  "Maybe three, depending on what Kirk's up to."

"Well, as I only have one truck..."

"Do you want me to call?"

Being grown up was overrated.  She smiled brightly.  "Yes, please."

"Ah, the joy of having a daughter," her mother said, pushing herself up from the table.

"You know you miss being needed."

"Right, since my entire identity revolves around motherhood," her mother said.  "I'll call, but you're going to go in there and figure it out."

"Yes, ma'am," Rory said.  "I will completely handle dealing with the mechanic myself. No problem."

Lorelai was moving toward the counter, to find a phone and a phonebook, Rory could assume.  Lorelai didn't own the diner, but she might as well have, as much influence as she had on Luke.  Her mother turned and looked at her, smiling one more time.  "Welcome home, Rory."

And Rory couldn't help but smile back.  If there was something she missed most, that was it.  That warm, familiar feeling, that sense of love and security.  So her mother didn't have home-baked cookies set out a little homemade doilies.  It was still her mother, which meant more than anything.  No matter how far she went or how much she learned, there was nothing like Lorelai.  "Thanks, Mom."


By the time she'd finished her second cup of coffee and downed a doughnut, the truck had been picked up and hauled off, amid much fanfare of course.  The crowd that gathered was as shameless as it was pathetic, all speculating on the vast amount of stuff Rory had acquired in her years away and why on earth it was all coming back in town.

That pleasantly amused her as much as it not-so-pleasantly frustrated her.  That Stars Hollow could care so much about her was the feeling of home she'd craved.  However, that feeling of being under the microscope made her wish she'd taken another route into town.  She was not quite ready to discuss her reasons for coming back.  Nor was she ready to answer the questions as to where she was going next.  Because she didn't know.

She didn't know.  She was Rory Gilmore and she didn't know.

How had that happened?  After all her time working to get into Yale, all her time working to get out of Yale, all her dedication to a career, her future, the plan, how had she ended up back here?  It was like a bad chick flick or an even worse novel where the world-wearied heroine finds herself inexplicably drawn back home.

It couldn't be her.  It wouldn't.  What would Paris say?  What would her grandparents say?

She needed a plan.  An escape route.

But first she needed to get her truck fixed.  All her desires to get out of the limelight aside, her bill from the company was going to be ridiculously huge if she didn't get it back soon.  Dealing with such companies made her wish she'd studied math more.  Not that she really liked math all that much--it was far too cut and dry, which was also its appeal, but there was never enough room for discussion.  For debate.  Rory like discussion and debate, so, therefore, she'd just have to pretend like she totally understood the rationale of the trucking company to charge her obscene amounts of money.

So, repair shop.  Her car had been here once, at her grandfather's insistence, but then that car had been totaled--by Jess, no less, though it wasn't really his fault.  At least not technically, in her mind, though everyone liked to blame him.  How was he supposed to control the actions of random wildlife?  And really, if Jess had just run the dumb deer over then she would have probably cried and been upset with him and they would have broken up sooner rather than later even though they weren't even dating at that point because she'd been with Dean.  It was Dean's car, well, Dean's car for her, and he'd been upset--but the funny thing about all that was he was the one who was least worried about the car.  All the time and effort he took to make it, the great measures he’d gone through to prove that it was worthy (to prove that he was worthy), and he’d never even mentioned the car after the night she told him she’d gotten it wrecked.

It was still the plainest display of love she’d ever received.  Not just the car itself, but how he’d never expected anything in return and how it’d always just been about her

Too bad she hadn’t loved him.  And too bad she no longer had the car (because, really, that’d been a pretty cool car).

But that was then.  This was now.  But maybe it was her circular thoughts about Jess and Dean and the car that made her see Dean the moment she entered the shop.

At first, she was fairly confident he was a mirage.  Or a mind trick.  Her overactive imagination creating the image of the last person on her mind.  But there he was.  Tall.  Dark.  Handsome.  And greasy, yet surprisingly sexy in his jeans and gray button up shirt with the logo stitched on the breast-pocket.

If it was a fantasy, it was a good one and maybe if she looked hard enough, Jess would appear in the corner with a book and a cup of coffee looking literary as all get out and her daydream would be complete.

"You here for the truck?"

Rory jumped, startled.  It was Gypsy.  Stars Hollow’s own down and dirty mechanic.  She wasn't part of the fantasy, though Rory did think the outfit did things for her figure.  "Uh, yes," she said.  "The U-Haul."

She nodded across the way where the would-be Dean was disappearing back under the hood with some tool that Rory could not identify.  "I wish I could have seen you drive it,” Gypsy said with a shake of her head.  “Small girl like you, must have been quite a scene.  Your mother must be proud.”

“Yeah, of all the things I’ve done, driving a U-Haul will definitely lead off her Christmas letter this year.”

Gypsy just looked at her.  “It's over there.  I've got Dean working on it.  Shouldn't take too long.  But he can explain that."

That all sounded good until Rory realized that Gypsy had just said Dean.  Seeing people was one thing--her imagination was pretty vivid.  Hallucinating names?  Not so much.  Auditory fabrications were not normal, not even for someone like her. 

"Wait, did you say Dean?" Rory asked, hoping to clarify her confusion.

Gypsy glanced at her blandly.  "Yeah, Dean," she said again, nodding toward the tall man half obscured by her truck's open hood.  "I know he's new here but I promise you he's got all the credentials you want.  Too damn qualified to work here if you ask me.  But he agreed to minimum wage, so who am I to question it?"

"Oh," Rory said, feeling oddly deflated.  So it was Dean.  Her Dean.  The Dean.  Working on her truck.  It was like some weird case of deja vu, and really it wasn't going to get any less weird standing here or going of there and talking to him.  Because she wasn't talking to him but to a mechanic fixing her truck.  There was a difference, right?  There was a difference.

So she moved.  Slowly and awkwardly through the melee of the garage until she was next to the truck that had been her home for the last week.  She stood there, watching, waiting, looking at the long figure hunched under the hood and she was struck suddenly how it wasn't quite her Dean anymore.  Her Dean had never had arms like that.

Suddenly, he surfaced, wiping his forearm across his sweat-filled brow.  It was exactly like some ludicrous TV commercial--for what, she wasn't sure.  Maybe antiperspirant?  A clothing line?  The touch, the feel of cotton?

Then, he saw her.  Of course, she was staring and staring with her mouth wide open to boot.  His brow furrowed a little bit and then a smile broke across his face.  "Rory?"

"Uh, hi," she finally said, shutting her mouth and smiling herself.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

Rory was so distracted by the deepness of his voice and the soft crinkles around his eyes that she nearly forgot to answer.  "Oh, it's my truck," she said.  "Well, it's U-Haul's truck.  But I'm renting it.  And it broke down.  As you know.  Since you're working on it."

He was nodding at her as realization settled over his features.  He'd always been cute, which had been part of his appeal, but he'd never been quite this...manly before.  In fact, none of her boyfriends had.  She'd always preferred the intellectual types, which was part of the reason she figured she'd never made it work with Dean.  Dean was smart, smarter than he gave himself credit for, but the type of guy to sit around and contemplate the misogynistic subtleties of Hemingway, he was not.  And Logan had been business-oriented in that aristocratic way that was sexy with a suit like he owned it.  He could talk literature, thanks to his extensive education, but there was little passion to it.  Of them all, Jess had been the most intense in his pursuit of literature in a very pure, if rebellious and somewhat Bohemian kind of way.  But Jess hadn’t cared enough to humor things like wearing suits, though, so that was a point for Logan.

Dean looked good in a suit, too, though.

Who was she kidding, Dean just looked good.  Greasy, sweaty, manly and Rory found her heart racing.

"Well, you probably drove the poor thing to its death," he said looking back at the behemoth. 

She just stared at him.  "Oh.  Well.  I do seem to have that effect on mechanical devices sometimes."

Dean laughed and Rory thought her knees might give out.  The depth of his voice, the curve of his smile--just wow.  "Well, do you want to know the damage?"

She winced, her focus going again to the truck.  Even Dean, in all his manliness, could not detract from the fact that her rental truck was still stuck in a repair shop.  Not that it didn't make it more pleasant to hear and not that she didn't have rampant fantasies running through her head of it getting too hot in the garage, requiring Dean to remove his shirt and wipe his brow, the sweat glistening in the luminescent sun rays...but her truck.  Her truck.  She could finish writing her soft porn novel later.  "I'm going to have to assume that's a rhetorical question," she said.  "Want, not so much.  Need to, very likely, unless I want to rack up a million dollar rental bill."

Dean, for his part, was oblivious to her fantasies.  She couldn't decide if that was good or bad.  "It's your clutch," he said.


"Yeah, the thing you use to shift gears."

"Oh.  Clutch."  She knew what a clutch was.  Of course she did.  How could she drive from Michigan and not know what a clutch was?

"Yeah, well, it's slipping, not holding a gear.  If it can't hold a gear, then it can't go anywhere, hence the reason it decided to park itself out on Main Street."

She was listening, of course, well, kind of.  She was watching him speak and following the nearly melodic rise and fall of his voice as he babbled car knowledge that completely escaped her.  He could talk mechanics to her all day long if he looked like that.

He finally noticed that her mind was in left field.  He cocked his head.  "Does that make sense?"

"Clutch.  Gears.  Got it.  How do we fix it?"

"Well, I've got to remove the transmission and the clutch assembly to get to the place I need to work on.  Once I get it out, it's not so bad.  But I will need to order the part.  We don't usually stock clutch disks for trucks this size."

Rory was sure that this was all very important for her to listen to but she was still distracted by the image of a sweaty, shirtless and very greasy Dean, who, in her mind, was now smiling at her while slinging a wrench onto a low-slung tool belt.

"So, give it a few days and we'll have it good as new," he concluded with a rather triumphant smile.

It occurred to her, rather suddenly, that now was the time to respond.   Preferably without reciting content from what would surely be a best-seller with repressed housewives everywhere.

Dean shifted awkwardly.  "Check back in with us on Friday then," he said.

"Friday.  Yes.  Okay.  Friday would be great.  End of the week.  Right before the weekend.  Good way to end a week, checking up on a rental check.  Nothing I would love more."  Except of course, that image--

She mentally stopped herself.  She really needed to focus.  Moreover, she needed to act like the sophisticated, mature woman that she was and stop drooling over Dean like he was a piece of meat (a nice looking piece of meat, but still--).

"Great," he said.  "See you then."

That was definitely something she could look forward to.



Posted by: sidura (sidura)
Posted at: July 4th, 2009 01:12 am (UTC)
Dean from GG

40 chapters!! Please don't say you're joking - so looking forward to them.

Though, will have to admit that I hope Rory and Dean don't end up together as he has been through the mill enough because of Rory, but will enjoy seeing how you explore their relationship.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 6th, 2009 02:50 am (UTC)
rory's dance kiss

I could never joke about 40 chapters. I'm in as much shock as you are about the entire thing. I just started writing and the story kept going, and going, and going...and then I had 40 chapters :) They are on the short side in comparison to some of my fics, but there's still that many.

40 chapters is a long time for Rory and Dean to dance around the question of their relationship. There will be lots of back and forth with the entire thing, and I hope by the end, you like the path I took--but I am keeping it under wraps if I can hold out :)


Posted by: sendintheclowns (sendintheklowns)
Posted at: July 4th, 2009 01:40 am (UTC)
too little

So I'm the slavedriver. *giggles* I think that's in keeping with my image. But you are the enabler who keeps me in fantastic fic. *hugs you*

I love the splash (or is that grinding of clutch?) that Rory makes upon returning to her hometown.

And Dean really is the most manly of Rory's boyfriend. What was that girl thinking?!

Fantastic first chapter here. It's been a while since I got to read this so I'm really eager for the posting.

P.S. Thank you for the lovely cute!Dean icons in my possession :D

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 6th, 2009 02:51 am (UTC)
adorable dean

You are a slave driver! You keep saying WRITE OR ELSE and I cave every time. Or it could just be your enthusiasm that motivates me...

Rory was an idiot, plain and simple. We'll see if she ever figures that out fully.


Posted by: ChristianGateFan (cgf_kat)
Posted at: July 4th, 2009 02:49 am (UTC)

Loving this so far! You write Rory perfectly, lol. What's up with Luke and Lorelai though? You saw the show's finale, right? So if this really is four years after that, wouldn't they be married by now? Or are they and I missed it because I haven't made it through all of the other Redemptive!Dean 'verse stories yet?

And just a note, I'm on the side of hoping Rory and Dean DO end up together, lol. I always thought they belonged together, even if they needed some time away from each other to grow up and figure it out.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 6th, 2009 02:54 am (UTC)
dean rory loved

I have seen the finale--I thought it was implied that Luke and Lorelai were together, but no clear indication that they were engaged. For me, considering how close they almost came to marriage and each of them coming off of failed experiences prior, I figured they each would want to take it slow as it goes. I do explore it a little bit throughout the fic, though, so hopefully it's somewhat on target :)

I always felt like Dean and Rory were good together, at least when Rory had her head out of her butt. He kept her grounded unlike the other boyfriends, and he fit into her life so much better. But, she was a jerk to him, and I want to see him stand up for himself in regards to her. All that said, I'm not telling what happens!

Thanks :)

Posted by: ChristianGateFan (cgf_kat)
Posted at: July 6th, 2009 05:43 am (UTC)

Very very true. Rory really was a jerk. I always loved Dean and felt sorry for him for how he was treated. I wouldn't want him to just give in to her again either; that didn't work so well in the season 4-5 arc, now did it? Ruining a marriage and all. I would want to see him take a stand myself--but not be completely unopen to loving her again...as long as she realized, admitted, and apologized for all the crap she's pulled in the past.

Anyway, I know you're not telling. I wouldn't either, being a writer myself, though all of mine at present is Stargate and Supernatural. I haven't graduated to GG yet, lol. :P So I'll just be here reading and loving Dean and hoping Rory 'can' get her head back out of her butt this time, for good. ;)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 9th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
dean and rory

I wrote Stargate stuff a LONG time ago. But I never posted any of it--which is probably for the best! My writing skills have improved a little since then :)

The GG world needs more writers sympathetic to cute!Dean. Therefore, I heartily endorse you jumping in. It's a lot of fun--far more liberating in the voices, I think, than the ongoing angst of other fandoms.

Posted by: Dani (pinkphoenix1985)
Posted at: July 4th, 2009 02:11 pm (UTC)

SQUEEEEEEEE you're finally posting it!! :D 40 chapters is AWESOME!!!

I'm liking Rory's POV BUT I really hope that Dean does play it HARD to get because she deserves to work for a good relationship.

I can't wait to see what has happened with Luke, etc AND I can't wait to see how Rory reacts to how the town treats Dean especially her mom and Luke!!

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 6th, 2009 02:56 am (UTC)
cute dean first time

I am finally posting it! Finally! It amuses me to think that I was still writing this fic this time last year.

With 40 chapters, I'll just say that Rory is going to have a lot of time to think about herself and her relationship with Dean and all the would haves/should haves you can imagine. But I am going to try to keep the ending a surprise. I have to give you all some incentive to keep reading all 40 chapters!


Posted by: Dani (pinkphoenix1985)
Posted at: July 6th, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)

I can't wait for the ride! :D

Posted by: reken (reken)
Posted at: July 5th, 2009 12:49 am (UTC)

40 chapters about Dean and Rory and maybe Rory/Dean?:) I'm so looking forward to reading them! I have some troubles with seeing Dean the way you see him in this redemptive!verse, but I've really enjoyed the way you captured Luke and Lorelai's voices in the previous installment of the verse, and I really like Rory's voice in this one. :)

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Posted at: July 6th, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)
cute!dean water bottle

I'm glad you're interested. And my take on Dean is a bit of a unique bent, but, to me, his character was always sort of vague to begin with, so I can see several plausible interpretations for his inner workings based on the glimpses the show afforded us. Part of it for me is that Dean did some pretty rotten things with cheating on his wife, and in order to fully redeem him, I had to really make him understand and live his remorse. If he was able to rebound quickly with no lingering sense of failure and regret, then I would question how much he really learned from the entire ordeal.

All that said, I'm thrilled you're giving it a go even when you don't quite buy into the characterization of Dean.

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Posted at: July 7th, 2009 01:12 pm (UTC)

The thing is: a) so far, almost in every fic of the 'verse poor Dean ended up in hospital - I'm a bit wary of what happens in this installment of the 'verse :) b) I see him getting on the right path a bit sooner. In my personal canon, he leaves Stars Hollow, finds his own way and yes, he'll always remember his mistakes and he'll think twice and thrice before starting a serious relationship. And he'll get together with Rory (in my personal canon, they surely end up together:)) only after she puts a lot of effort into persuading him that this time she won't get bored with him in a few months.

And I see his parents as more understanding people. Yes, we don't see much of them on the show. All we know is that yeah, they obviously weren't fans of the idea of Dean going to college (at least they weren't obsessed with it the way Lorelai was obsessed with Rory-going-to-Harvard thing) but they didn't dislike the idea either. Yes, they weren't against the wedding and yes, Dean's mom wasn't among Rory's fans in season 5 (but again, If I were her I wouldn't be fond of the girl who broke my son's heart and then helped him ruin his marriage). All this said, I still prefer to think that they'd encourage Dean's decision to go back to school and that although they'd be disappointed with him for cheating on his wife, they wouldn't think of him as a loser or as a constant source of disappointment in the future.

But that's whу it's called personal canon - everyone has his/her own one:) Anyway, I really enjoy your 'verse and especially the way you capture the voices of other GG characters. The dialogues! Sometimes I feel like I'm reading a script to an episode of the show. :)

Btw, I don't know if Dean and Rory get together in this fic, but if they do, I'd really like to see his parents' reaction to Rory coming back to his life. :) Because Rory'd have to work hard to get their appreciation. As hard (or even much harder) as Dean'd have to work to get Rory's grandparents approval (not that he needs one). :)

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dean rory loved

LOL! Yeah, I have an unnatural penchant for h/c, and in this verse, it's sort of a running gag. It's so ridiculous that it almost works for a show as quirky as GG. With 40 chapters, it seems unlikely that I will be able to resist...

And I would love to think he'd get his crap together faster, though I will admit that the last time we see Dean in S5, it is weeks/months after his breakup with Rory and he's still working crappy jobs and is clearly bitter and unwilling to make amends despite Luke's efforts. To me, this suggests a real inability to move on, and feeds my personal canon that Dean basically has been flailing since he lost Rory to Jess in S3. I think Rory did a number on him, and the way everyone in the town and her family fawned over her wouldn't do much for him, hence his seemingly negative perception of himself in To Live and Let Diorama.

I have no idea why I wrote his parents the way I did--it was kind of a random development that just sort of happened over the course of writing the verse. However, Dean's parents actually do have a fairly large role in this fic, and I will explore Dean's relationship with them and their feelings on Rory. I think my biggest issue with Dean's parents in canon was that they let their 18 year son get married and drop out of school--surely someone in Dean's life would have sat that boy down and asked, "What are you THINKING?" and screwed his head back on straight before he either got married or at least before he decided to give up school to work dead end jobs. This is a personal thing, I know, but a good parent doesn't let their kid do that, especially one as young as Dean. I know I'm probably projecting personal values on TV show characters but it always seemed somewhat ludicrous that no one asked two teenage kids getting married to think a little more seriously about the long term.

All that said, I do think Dean's parents come to a better place in this fic, partly because in previous fics, we only see a skewed version of them. Sometimes there's more to the story than what other people pick up on. Dean's parents haven't had a chance to really explain where they're coming from, and eventually they get a little bit of chance to do that.

Overall, Rory has a lot of work and learning to do in this fic. Which is why it ended up being 40 chapters. :)

Anyway, thanks for the thoughts--and I'm still flattered you like the conversations. I love writing for GG, so it's great to have others enjoy what I write.

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Posted at: July 7th, 2009 02:38 pm (UTC)

>>but it always seemed somewhat ludicrous that no one asked two teenage kids getting married to think a little more seriously about the long term.
Yes, exactly!

I started watching GG because of Jared and when I was halfway through season 2 and the thing with Jess started, I went to wikipedia to find out what happens next and when I read about season 4-5 I was, like, "Yay, my OTP's getting back together and Jess won't get lucky! WHAT? MARRIED? CHEATING? NO WAY!"

I still don't understand why the screenwriters did it. I guess they needed to get rid of the character at the end of season 3 in case Jared's pilot would be picked up, but they could send Dean back to Chicago or something! Yes, they sent away Jess and Dave at the end of the same season, but couldn't they think of something else for Dean than marriage? Dean always seemed the reasonable one, the realistic one (i.e. the episode where he asked Rory about what'd happen when she gets into Harvard and many other small things and phrases). What I liked about him the most in the first 3 seasons is that he was the grown-up in their relationship. That's why this rebound marriage was really unexpected and OOC. And his and her parents being so happy to have their kids married at 18? His parents not even trying to insist that Dean finishes his education BEFORE buying a townhouse? Lindsay's parents practically living with them and making decisions for them? That surprised me a lot. Btw, did Lindsay get into State Connecticut too in canon? I remember that in 3x20 Dean says to Rory that Lindsay'll go with him, but does it mean that she got into college too? Or it means that she'll live with him while he'll go to school?

Conversations about this show are fun! :) And I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapters of the fic (and I like the second chapter: the dialogue is brilliant, I can imagine them talking exactly the way you wrote it:)).

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cute dean first time

Hee, Jared is the only reason I went back and watched GG at all. When I found out what happened to his character, I knew it would drive me nuts, so I resisted for a long, long time but finally caved and then had to write fic to fix it and now here I am.

I think poor Dean was mostly just a plot device to advance Rory's storyline along. When they needed a good first boyfriend, there he was. When they needed a love triangle, there he was. And when they needed Rory to have a big mistakes, there he was. I always thought his presence after the S3 breakup was kind of odd--like they weren't really sure what they were doing with him at all. He oscillated between being bitter and hurt and then acted like he wanted Rory back and then suddenly he was dating again and then he was engaged. It was totally random and the only way I can make sense of it is that Dean was rebounding in the worst possible way and that the writers were just throwing him into these over the top situations to give Rory something to angst over (and perhaps as a contrast to commitment inept Jess?).

Though, still, the marriage thing is NOT in Dean's character. He IS practical, and he always was the adult, like you say. Which I think is why I have him so screwed up in my verse because for a kid to be as solid as S1 and S2 Dean was to turn into S3, S4, and S5 Dean, I have to assume that he suffered some serious damage from being dragged along and treated like dirt by Rory and everyone else.

I don't think Lindsay got into college--I think it was implied she'd just go with him. And this is why I think Lindsay is just as much to blame for the downfall of their marriage as Dean: what kind of 18 year old girl has plans to be a HOUSEWIFE right away? I mean, did she literally have NO aspirations? No part time work of her own? And what kind of loving wife says, "No honey, I want it NOW even though that means you will have no viable chance at a career for the rest of your life!"

There were just some wanky things with all of that from all parents involved and Lindsay and if someone in that mess of people had had a lick of sense, it would have turned out WAY different (ideally, without a marriage THAT soon).

This show makes me slightly insane when I try to apply logic to it. Mostly, I just want to fix it, because Dean deserves so much more.

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r&d · i love you you idiot

ahh i love it! i'm freaking out that there are 40 chapters. so excited to read them all. :)

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you idiot

I'm really really behind here, but still--I'm glad you liked the start of this anyway :)

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