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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

More Fic of the Bunny Variety

April 12th, 2009 (09:17 pm)

Title:  Hopping Down Memory Lane

Summary:  Sam belated learns the fate of one his closest friends.

A/N:  So I'm doing a random fic dump tonight.  I don't expect much feedback but at least I finally did it.  And, better yet, they're all off the bunny persuasion.  No beta on this one.  I believe I wrote it about three years ago for geminigrl11 's birthday.  Which is not for several months but that's okay :)

Disclaimer:  Not mine.


"Careful, we're almost there," Dean said slowly as he pulled the needle through Sam's skin.

"Ow!" Sam squawked, jerking away.  "Dean--what are you doing?"

"If you'd sit still...."

Sam looked perturbed but laid still again.  "If you'd stop using me as a pincushion...."


"You're not the one with a foot long gash up your side."

Dean rolled his eyes.  "It's a scratch."

"That needs stitches," Sam countered.

"Only so you don't ruin another t-shirt by seeping blood on and off all day."

"Whatever," Sam said, a hint of petulance in his voice.  "Still saved your ass."

Dean scoffed.  "In your dreams."

"I do believe that thing was about to skewer you before I pushed you out of the way."

Dean kept stitching.  "You want a friggin' medal or something?"

"Just some appreciation--OW!"  Sam nearly sat up in the bed in protest.

"Sit still," Dean ordered sternly, pushing Sam back.

"Geez, Dean," Sam said, leaning back on his elbows.

"Oh, come on, you big baby.  You need Mr. Wuffles?"

"He'd be a hell of a lot better at this than you are," Sam snipped, lying back down.

Dean snorted.  "You were pretty attached to that thing.  I swear, you took him everywhere.  Once you tried to take him to the pool and freaked out when I wouldn't let you swim with him."

A smile ghosted over Sam's face.  "He was a pretty sturdy stuffed bunny.  He survived all the things you tried to put him through."

A mischievous grin crossed Dean's face.  "Most of them."

Sam's eyes narrowed.  "What do you mean by that?"

Dean shrugged, stitching away.  "Nothing."

Sam looked serious.  "Dean."

Dean barely contained his smile.  "Don't be such a baby, Sammy.  It's nothing," he said emphatically.

Sam didn't buy it.  He tried to sit up.

"Dude, you're going to bleed over everything if you don't let me finish."

Sam paid no heed.  "What did you do with him?"

"With who?"

"Mr. Wuffles!"

"You have got to be kidding me."

"What did you do with him?" Sam demanded.



"Okay, okay, I might have done something to him."

"Like...?"  Sam looked expectant.

"I may have, kind of...blown him up."

Sam's jaw dropped.  "Why?"

Dean shrugged.  "Got bored.  We were in freakin' North Dakota.  Swiped some fireworks.  I blew up your army men first and when I ran out, I figured, why not?"

Sam was incredulous.  "You blew up Mr. Wuffles?  I thought I lost him!"

"That what I told you to keep you from squealing on me."

"You blew him up?"

"Dude, I was 10."

"And I was six!  You blew up a six-year-old's stuffed bunny!"

"You were too big to be dragging him around everywhere anyway."

"Oh, great, so instead of weaning me off and helping me cope, you blew him up.  I can only imagine what would have happened if I sucked my thumb."

Dean paused, trying to hide a smile. "Well, you did."

"Great.  So I suppose you tried blowing my thumb up to help me stop."

"Nope.  Just coated it with the hottest stuff I could find before you went to bed," Dean said.  Then, with a smile, he added, "Man, did you scream that night."

Sam stared at him in disbelief.  "What kind of big brother are you?"

"The kind that spares his kid brother mockery for sucking his thumb and caring around a stuffed bunny."

"Right.  How very noble of you."

"I try," Dean said.  He pushed Sam back to the bed.  "Now shut up and let me finish stitching this."

Sam reluctantly agree and stared sulkily at the ceiling.  "You're a friggin' jerk."

"You're a baby."



Sam winced as the needle pierced his skin.  "I hate you."

Dean laughed.  "But where would you be without me?"

A few days later...

"Dude, have you seen my Metallica tape?"

"Why would have I seen any of your tapes?"

"Because you're always looking through them."

Sam rolled his eyes.  "Hardly.  I gave up on finding anything worthwhile in that pile of trash months ago."

"So where'd it go then?"

"Like I should know.  They're your tapes."

Dean looked suspiciously at his brother.  "You're hiding something from me."

Sam shook his head.  "I have no idea what you're talking about.

"Where's my tape, Sam," Dean demanded, his voice low.

"You have a box full of tapes there."

"Where's the Metallica tape."

"If you have one mullet rock tape, you have them all."

"No," Dean said.  "This one was my favorite."

Sam couldn't contain his smile.

Dean's heart fluttered.  "Sam."


"What did you do with my tape?" he asked slowly, patiently.

Sam feigned innocence.  "Why would I do anything with your tape?"

"Sam.  What. Did. You. Do. With. My. Tape?"

Sam snickered.  "You'll never know."

"Sam, I swear to God--"

"God doesn't listen to teddy bear killers."

"It was a friggin' stuffed animal 15 years ago."

"And this is a cassette tape from 15 years ago.  Seriously, you'll thank me someday."

"I'm going to kill you," Dean seethed.

"Good luck.  It's harder to blow up actual people who fight back."


Sam looked at his brother, assessed the situation, then promptly ran like hell.

Title:  Existential Bunnies

Summary:  Sam, Dean, and Watership Down.

A/N:  Also written years ago for geminigrl11 , who is the one who introduced me to the wonder of Hazel and Fiver.  If you haven't read it, you should (by Richard Adams).  But it's like Sam and Dean as bunnies and it is very, very awesome.

Disclaimer:  Not mine.


"Dude, what are you reading?"

Sam didn't look up.  "A book."

Dean rolled his eyes.  "I figured that much, Einstein.  What book?"

Sam gaze did not waver from the page.  "Watership Down."

"Watership what?"

Sam sighed.  "Watership Down."

Dean crinkled his nose.  "What's it about?"

His eyes still transfixed on the page, Sam replied, "It's a story about courage.  Community--trust, survival."

Dean made a noncommittal click of his tongue.  "Really."

Sam's focused wavered and he looked annoyed. "Yeah.  It's a classic."

Dean nodded.  A moment passed in silence.  "Then why's there a bunny on the cover?"

Sam glanced absently at the cover.  "The characters are rabbits."

Dean could not contain his laughter.  "You're reading a book about bunnies?"

"It's not about bunnies--"

"Uh-huh.  I thought only little girls read books about bunnies and fairy princesses."

"It's not like they just hop around and look cute."

Dean raised his eyebrows.  "What else do bunnies do?"

"It's about realistic bunnies.  Bunnies that almost...represent humanity."

"Dude, a bunny's a bunny.  I love me some bunnies, but seriously.  Metaphor and all that stuff is overrated."

"They fight, plot--they come together and survive against the odds.  It's a commentary on society."

"Sounds like a bad Disney movie."

Sam glared.  "They're...," Sam looked for the right description.  "...existential bunnies."

"Bunnies on acid?"

"It's a serious book--"

Dean held up his hand, looking solemn.  "If you want to sit around and read about existential bunnies, that's your business Sam.  I fully support your desire to get in touch with your inner little girl or hippie, whichever the case may be."

Sam looked perturbed.  "It's a classic, Dean."

"Is that what they tell you in college?"

"At least I know how to read."

"Right.  And I'm sure sorry that I missed out on the bunny portion of my education."


"--existential, I know."

"You could learn a lot from these bunnies."

"Of course.  I've always wanted to know the best way to devour a carrot."

Sam's forehead creased in frustration.  "About leadership and teamwork--in fact, there's a bunny that reminds me of you."

"The good looking one--"

Sam ignored him.  "The leader, the one who saves the others."

"Damn straight.  Maybe this book isn't so bad--"

"And he learns to trust implicitly in his younger brother."

"What?  You're making this up."

"Nope.  It's the truth.  Hazel."

"Hazel?  No way my rabbit self would be called Hazel."

"Hazel is quite the hero."

"Of course he is.  But if I'm Hazel, who are you?  Fluffy?"


Dean quirked his head at Sam.  "Dude, what are you talking about?"

"The bunnies.  The bunnies have more parallels to our lives than you can imagine."

"Dude, I think you need more sleep."

"You should read it.  I think you'd like it. There's quite a bit of action."

"What kind of action could rabbits have?"

"They fight."

"Right--wiggle their little tails in each other's faces."

"Seriously, Dean.  We can learn a lot through literature.  Make connections."

"Whatever, Sam.  Next time I want to know what it's like to be a bunny, maybe I'll take you up on it."

"It's not about bunnies," Sam tried to explain again.

"Right.  Just existential ones that exemplify the order of the universe and all that crap.  You keep becoming a better person, Sam, and I'm getting some sleep."


"What are you doing?"

Dean jumped, hands frantically shoving the book under the covers.  "Nothing," he said breathlessly.

Sam let a smile creep slowly across his face.  "You were reading."

"So?"  Dean tried to act nonchalant.  

Sam did not let his brother's evasion pass.  "What are you reading?"

"None of your business."

"Uh-huh."  Sam paused.  Then he flew at his brother, puling back the covers.

Dean responded quickly, moving quickly toward his brother and tackling him to the mattress.  Sam reversed it expertly, pinning his brother.

"What are you so scared of?" he asked with a grin.

Dean struggled.

Sam's grin grew as he let his eyes trace back toward the exposed book.  "You're reading Watership Down!  After all the crap you gave me!"

Dean glared, pushing Sam off of him.  "Just wanted to know better how to make fun of you."

"Right," Sam said, sitting back and picking up the book.  "Which is why you're on page 205."


Sam grinned.  "You like it."

"It's a book."  Dean shrugged.  "And the cable doesn't work here."

"You DO like it."  Sam sounded triumphant.

"Don't be ridiculous--"

"So do you see it?  The connection between you and Hazel?"

Dean snorted.  "Dude, you're a freak."

"You're Hazel."

"I'm not some freakin' rabbit."

"You're SO Hazel."

"Whatever, man.  If I'm anyone, I'm Bigwig."

Sam looked thoughtful.  "I can kind of see that."

"Yeah, and anyway, you're are so Fiver."  Dean reached over and plucked the book from his brother's hands.


"The runty little brother."

"Need I remind you that I am in fact taller than you and have been since I was fifteen."

Dean ignored him.  "Vision bunny.  Hops around and broods all day.  Real buzz kill."

"Saved Hazel's ass."

"Because Hazel saved him--and ALL of them--time and time again.  It was about time the little runt did something worthwhile."

Sam looked indignant.  "Hazel needed Fiver--trusted him.  Whenever Fiver had a feeling, Hazel followed him without question.  The reason ANY of them survived was because of Fiver's instincts."

"Freaky bunnies."

"You could learn a lot from that, you know.  On how to treat little brothers."

"Dude, stop talking about bunnies.  They're not real."

"You know you like it."

"You're a freak."

"You're reading the book."

"You OWN it."

"No one made you read it."

"Whatever.  I was just bored."

"Sure.  Whatever."  Sam paused then grinned mischievously.  "Dean-rah."

"What did you call me?"


"Dude, I swear, if you call me that again--"

"It's a term of respect--"

"It sounds like I'm a friggin' fairy."

"Rabbit actually."

"Sam," Dean said with a warning stare.

"Take it easy.  I was just going to shave then thought we could catch the morning silflay."

Dean almost threw the book at his brother, but then thought better of it.  He threw the pillow instead.  Sam ducked to the bathroom and laughed and laughed.  Dean glared a moment longer, shrugged his shoulders.  "Existential bunnies," he muttered, opening the book, and reading again.


Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 16th, 2009 01:54 pm (UTC)
i have these nightmares

Watership Down is so worth reading. And you will read it and totally see Sam and Dean (back when they, you know, cared about each other). There is even a brief moment of limp!bunny!Sam (aka Fiver).

I hope you like it :)

And I'm glad you liked these--they are quite random!

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