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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

Masterpost, the first

[sticky post] March 6th, 2014 (02:07 pm)

feeling: geeky


Absolute Truths When anomalies appear in the United States, Michael learns that rifts in time aren’t the only secret that matters to his team. (crossover with Primeval)

Adventures in Carpooling When Michael and Billy carpool to work, they end up getting more out of it than saving gas.

The Adventures of Billy and Bullwinkle Billy encounters a new threat on a mission. (crack)

Adventures on One Wheel “A unicycle?” he asks in utter disbelief. (crack)

Afloat “Well, is it just me, or did we just get stranded at sea?”

After the Storm Rick wasn’t going to leave his team to die.

All's Well that Ends Well Michael cares about his team -- he’d die for them -- and yet, the mission comes first.

Another World Four different men all wanting to make the world better, the only ways they can. (AU)

The Art of Negotiation The ODS doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.

At the Wheel Because Carson's a spy. And spies don't give up the wheel. Not to rookies. Not to anyone. (pre series)

Bar Fights and Missions Because a bar fight is nowhere in the mission overview and he has no protocol and how the hell did Billy get involved in a bar fight?

Barely a Vapor Some lessons, Rick knows, have to be learned the hard way. (deathfic)

Bastard in Training A series of ficlets about Billy mentoring our favorite new agent.

Beggars Can't Be Choosers Billy begs for his life. More or less.

Beginnings and Ends I want you to know that your defiance is respectable. It is also meaningless.

Best Laid Plans Michael always had backup plans and fallbacks. For all the good that did him now.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place When a mission veers off course, Casey and Billy find themselves stuck in a less than ideal circumstance.

Blanket Statements Michael discovers one of Billy’s more unusual pastimes. (crack)

Breaking the Surface Billy thinks: this is no way to die.

A Breather in the Sky Michael just wants to save the world.

Bring Me That Horizon Rick thinks that a mission with pirates will be exciting.

Burned So he was concussed and shot in the middle of the desert. So his cover was compromised and he’d been left for dead. So his teammate was missing and he was miles from any kind of civilian. So what?

Burning Bright It’s Siberia. And we’ve been stranded with hope of rescue still hours -- maybe days -- away.

By a Thread An injury robs Billy of his voice – and a whole lot more. (four parts)

Calculated Risks Rick doesn't have time to calculate the odds of survival at this point or to weigh the pros and cons of this course of action. At this point, all he has to go on are instincts and orders, and for once, those two things really seem to be working in tandem. (two parts)

A Change in Strategy They’ve had six good years and Michael would like to think they could have another six on top of that.

Checkmate There’s a reason Michael never wins at chess.

Choices Choices are easy; consequences are hard.

Choked Billy chokes. Fortunately, he’s the only one.

Complications Rick doesn’t see it coming.

Contingencies These are Michael’s curse. These are Michael’s salvation.

Dating Tips from Billy Collins Billy doles out lots of advice with a wink and a smile and he knows it’s all valid and true because it’s the opposite of what he does in his own life.

Day of the Dead This mission is cursed.

Deal with the Devil Michael’s team is gone.

Decisions and Revisions (Which a Minute Will Reverse) But there's no time to think, no time second guess. There's just enough time to make one last choice.

The Dice Were Loaded from the Start Adele deserved better, much better than Billy. (Adele/Billy)

Drabble Diptych: Halves If Casey were Billy. ( Part I written by lena7142)

A Drop in the Bucket They hold true because they always have, not because they always will.

An Easy Call One agent...or the mission. It's not an easy call...except it is.

The Elephant in the Room Rick’s second mission for the CIA is even more complicated than his first. (seven parts)

Enough Because it's a gunshot to the chest, which means Billy's going to die.

Excruciating Tell me where your friends are.

Falls the Shadow “Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die.” (Character Death)

Famous Last Words It’s like it never happened most of the time. But in Rick’s dreams, it’s still the same. (Character Death)

Featherweight The object of the activity is to pick a weapon with which to defend yourself from an oncoming surge of terrorists.

Fire and Ice Ice is perfect preservation. Fire is absolute destruction. The end is the same.

The First Line of Defense Rick Martinez, Billy Collins, Michael Dorset and Casey Malick were always going to be heroes. But when Kaiju make landfall, fate gives them a new chance to shine. (Pacific Rim fusion, AU for Chaos, but canon for Pacific Rim, spoilers for movie)

Five Lessons Rick Learns Rick's always been an apt student in everything he does.

Five Lives Billy Never Lived What could have been. Perhaps even what should have been. The options were there, some good and some bad, but Billy would be a liar if he said he didn’t consider them more than he ought. (written with lena7142)

Five Pranks Casey Pulled Casey likes to think his pranks still offer some kind of trial by fire, and that his bemusement in the aftermath is merely a plus.

Five Times Billy Sings Rick gets to know Billy through his songs, understanding his moods and his mindsets from how and when he sings.

Five Times Billy Stabbed I’m more of a stabber, myself.

Five Times Billy Was Beat Up Billy knows how to throw a punch. If only because he’s taken so many over the course of his life.

Five Times Casey Hurt Billy He didn’t like Billy Collins, but Billy Collins was a part of his life -- a part Casey had come to count on, whether he wanted to admit it or not.

Five Times Rick Was the New Guy And here I thought new guy was done making new guy mistakes.

Five Things Casey Malick Hates Casey rarely has the patience to indulge foolishness, but sometimes he makes an exception.

For Each Other On his knees, Rick tries to remember how it came to this.

For Love of the Game Rick has to wake Billy up. (crack)

The Forest Through the Trees No single person can be entirely successful at everything he or she attempts.

Fun Drunks Casey is not a very fun drunk.

A General Dislike Casey won’t deny that he has a general dislike for mankind.

The Ghosts that we Knew Some secrets were worth dying for. Others, Higgins decided, really weren’t.

The Gift of Life Billy will give a lot for his job, but even he has his limitations.

Girls Night Out Fay, Adele, and Doris share a night out. (post Proof of Life)

The Grass is Always Greener Rick discovers the real beauty of Greenland.

The Greatest Asset In short, confidence was Rick Martinez’s greatest asset. It was also his greatest weakness.

Growing Heavy for the Vintage It’s been one week, maybe two.

God Complex Someday Michael was going to realize that this wasn’t his little universe to control. Someday something would throw him for a loop and he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. But not this mission. (13 parts)

Good Enough Adele can be difficult and annoying and tedious, but she’s also in love.

The Good News (And the Bad News) A joint mission with MI-5 teaches Rick a few lessons about being a spy--and about Billy. (three parts, has preseries speculation)

Hanging On When things are difficult, when things are bad, when things are downright bleak, you just have to hang in there.

Happenstance When Billy Collins shows up at an anomaly site, there are more questions than answers for everyone involved. (crossover with Primeval, preseries spec)

Happiness is a Warm Puppy Injured and alone on a mission, Billy finds an unlikely ally.

Hazard Pay Being a spy is a dangerous job; the ODS has learned that the hard way.

History Repeating Rick can’t die. Casey can’t let him.

Hopeful Fears The simple fact is that they’re miles from civilization, in some cabin with paper thin walls while the winter howls outside, and Billy’s lying on the only cot, burning up from the inside out.

If the Fates Allow (and Even if they Don't) “It doesn’t seem right, is all. A mission on Christmas.”

The Ill-Divining Soul They’re trained and skilled; to think their mission could be foiled by a common illness – it’s unthinkable.

The Illusion of Control Michael had planned too many successful missions, had brought his operatives through so much worse to lose one in a hospital to a run of the mill illness. (two parts)

Impact Billy falls; the entire team feels the impact. (two parts) Sequel to It's Not the Fall that Kills You

In the Blink of an Eye Casey’s always up for the impossible, and he hopes this time is no different.

An Indirect Proof Rick Martinez joins the CIA and meets the ODS: Michael Dorset, Casey Malick and Carson Simms. (9 parts)

Interagency Cooperation So how they ended up in Hawaii, defending cops who didn’t trust them, with their entire careers on the line is still a little mind-boggling. (crossover with Hawaii Five-0)

It's My Party It was Casey’s birthday. (pre series)

It's not the fall (but the moment after) Falling is easy. Landing can kill. But getting back up — it’s getting back up that’s the key. Cowritten with moogsthewriter

It's not the Fall that Kills You The ODS has a mission where the bottom falls out. Literally.

The Killing Type One second, Billy was being held at gunpoint. The next, every attacker in the room was on the ground and bleeding.

The Lament of Stars And Rick can’t forget. He doesn’t want to forget. (death fic)

The Last Lesson Lessons. Some easy, some hard; all things Rick needs even if he doesn’t know why.

The Last Line of Defense Shaking is the body’s last defense against the cold. It’s an autonomic response designed to generate heat.

Last Man Standing The ODS has never been about a name; it’s about the ideals of the people in it. (future fic)

Life Signs Right now, he has to save Billy’s life.

Like a Live Wire In which Billy gets a shock, Casey discovers he has a heart, and the team bonds. (pre series)

A Little Defenestration Between Friends I’m pretty sure that this mission was downgraded from good the moment I threw you out the window.

Lines in the Sand Rick knew how it was supposed to go. He joined the CIA to be a hero; he wanted to serve his country, to do the right thing. Serving was a choice, but the mission never was. The right thing wasn’t black and white, and the fact was, there were no heroes in the CIA. There were just people who did what needed to be done.

Live Like You're Dying "I'm sorry," the doctor says. "There's nothing we can do."

Long Walk, Short Pier You took a long walk off a short pier. That's pretty stupid, even for you.

Look Like the Innocent Flower With the team in crisis, it’s up to Rick to save them.

Lost and Found Rick and Billy get lost. And then find each other all over again. (4 parts)

Loud and Clear The important messages aren’t conveyed in words. The important messages aren’t spoken at all. They’re the ones you just know, more than anything else. The ones that hold everything else together even when it should all fall apart.

Love Is an Open Door Billy’s trapped, well and good. And he has no idea why.

(Love or) Fear of the Cold Fay gets sent undercover and the results may change everything for her. (three parts)

Man Plans, God Laughs Michael can’t plan on miracles.

The Man with the Plan Michael always has a plan. Some are better than others.

Mandatory Counseling We don’t just fight alongside each other. We fight for each other. (preseries)

A Matter of Luck Rick doesn’t need luck; he just needs his skills and his determination and this case will be over in no time. (three parts)

Medical Emergencies Rick bleeds, Billy passes out, but everyone’s okay.

Mothers, Sons and Teammates Rick’s not sure how the stages of grief are actually suppose to progress, but he’s fairly certain that frenetic, full-time mission planning isn’t one of them.

A Mother's Work She thinks of her Rick, making the world a better place, and those three men by his side, making sure he has everything he needs to get it done.

The Measure of Success A successful mission is accomplishing the objective and getting his team out.

(Mostly) Just Another Day at the Office Rick is introduced to another one of the ODS’ off the book cover operations.

Mumbled Prayers Casey can confront any foe, but there’s no way to fight this. (pre series)

My Head Told My Heart Michael uses his head. Which is why it figures that it’s his heart in the end.

The New Guy Rick’s been on the team three years, and he’s not the new guy anymore. If only he could convince his team of that.

Never Again Billy always fights until the fire burns too bright and darkness is all that’s left.

Never Let Them See You Bleed Casey's never been scared of such responsibility, but he's scared of this.

The Next Step All the next steps Casey’s taken, one right after another. Each one has made sense; every one has been right. But now that he’s here, he’s not sure where to go next.

Not All that Glitters Casey’s here by himself and he’s got a broken arm and is bleeding from a gouge in his side and he’s seeing double from a concussion and he’s really not one for optimism.

Not in the Cards Billy’s been shot and extraction is still ten minutes out, and there’s nothing Rick can do but hold him and hope for the best.

Not So Secret Identities It’s a shame, really. To realize your best friend has a secret identity. That’s not a secret at all.

O Heavy Lightness And sitting there, alone in a waiting room, Rick doesn’t even know if his teammate is alive.

Of Migraines and Mates Billy suffers migraines -- but maybe it’s not so bad.

The Office Christmas Party The CIA will surprise you yet.

Oh Death Peril and/or death are ready consequences of a life in service of the CIA.

On a Scale of One to Ten They were all scared. Even if none of them wanted to admit it.

Part of the Plan Rick’s been focused on the goal for so long that he’s never let himself stop to consider failure. Never stopped to think about anything less.

A People Person Billy can read people. He charms them; that’s what he does. Most of the time.

The Perils of Being the Sorting Hat Rick speculates which Hogwarts House each team member would be in.

Pick Your Poison There’s a new girl at the coffee shop.

Picking Up Strays You never know when it’ll be you turned out and alone in need of some kind of friend.

Plan B Because they’re in the middle of the Canadian forest and they’re running from smugglers and Billy’s leg is caught in a bear trap and Rick’s not sure they’ve ever been this screwed.

Play On That just leaves Doris and Billy. And the guitar. (missing scene "Proof of Life.")

Playing to Win Casey doesn’t lose. Not even a little. Not even at all. (AU ish, possible death fic)

The Play's the Thing He was no longer Billy Collins, born and bruised in North Edinburgh, he was Romeo, a Montague of Verona, and that was all that mattered. (six parts, some pre series spec)

Practice and Perfection There are endless hours to fill in Casey’s life and he discovers that sometimes practice does make perfect. (preseries)

Prime Time Heroes It’s not like a fight Casey has been in before.

Put the Past Away That underneath the guises; underneath the facades; Billy’s no hero at all.

A Quiet Night In Friends, trying to have a quiet night, drinking beer and watching a game. That’s how it’s supposed to be. But that’s not how it is.

Quintessence of Dust Either way, Fay’s caught between love and pain, and she can take no pleasure in the way things are and the way she knows things has to be.

Rain, Rain on My Face The rain is steady now, unyielding. It's cold against his skin, and he feels it wash the blood away. He wonders if it should be a consolation that if he dies, he'll die clean.

Rate Yourself and Rake Yourself Casey can control all the variable except his own emotions.

Reasonable Casey’s apartment seems totally reasonable. For the most part, anyway.

A Risk Worth Taking She remembers thinking, if this is a risk, then it’s a risk worth taking. (spoilers for Remote Control).

Run for Your Life Billy had made a career of running, until he met the ODS. (pre series; three parts).

Running on Empty Billy is on a stakeout that goes less than perfectly.

Sans Everything Billy lies for a living.

Scars that Never Felt a Wound Michael had questions and Michael wanted answers, but in all the mystery, one truth was clearer than the rest: Billy was one of them, and nothing would change that. (Chaos/Primeval crossover, prequel to Absolute Truths)

The Scotsman, The Mission, and the Concussion After all, one minute Billy’s checking a room, the next he’s plunging headfirst into a wardrobe, and then he’s waking up with snow in his face in a place he doesn’t recognize.

The Shadow Proves the Sunshine They should have been careful, they should have been thorough. Instead, here they were. Trapped and alone and hurt. As if Casey needed more reasons to loathe this mission.

Signs and Wonders The ODS doesn’t usually listen to signs.

Silence Casey craves silence; he gets Billy instead. (deathfic)

Silence is Golden (Sort of) Billy gets laryngitis. The team is less than sympathetic.

A Simple Thing Rick's down a hole, he’s hurt and alone, and the three people he trusts in this world to save him could be dead. (three parts)

Six Weeks Out Michael is used to missions going from bad to worst, but this one has gone from bad to possibly the worst mission ever.

Slings and Arrows That was one hell of a nightmare.

Slipping It’s slipping away.

Something to Call Your Own Brian Doyle had never intended to be a doctor in Africa. Then again, Brian Doyle never intended on a lot of things. (outsider pov)

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance Sometimes you can’t outrun the past. Sometimes you have to face it. For the better, maybe. More likely, for the worse. (pre series spec)

Spooks of the Spooks That would assume that Rick believes in ghost stories, which is clearly not the case.

A Stab in the Dark Casey can only forgive so much stupidity in a day and Billy is testing his patience.

Staked Out Casey and Billy bond during a stakeout. More or less.

Still Breathing But Michael’s alone, lost in the desert with no phone, no backup. No anything. He’s probably going to die out here, and no one will ever find him.

A Stinging Reminder Of course, the fact that he was so enjoying that sense of a job well done was probably the dead giveaway of impending disaster. Still, Michael didn’t see it coming.

Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome only works when the victim believes they have nothing left.

A Stoic Mind and a Bleeding Heart Not all emotions are bad. But most of them are.

Strong Roots Extraction does not have to be painful. But I do find it so much more enjoyable.

Taking One for the Team They could make it, then. But only if one of them stayed behind.

Teachable Moments Some lessons are hard and some lessons are scary and some of it is just weird. There are lessons. But not here.

Team Dynamics Michael’s the team leader; Billy’s the new guy.

Team Player Casey’s not a team player. But sometimes, for reasons Casey will never understand, some things are just meant to be. Preseries

Texting Under the Influence If Billy's drunk and texting Michael, then he's really drunk.

These Mistakes You've Made Maybe Billy’s been suffocating all along and he just never knew it until someone kindly tied a noose around his neck and started to squeeze.

A Three Hour Tour This is two men, stranded on an island.

Three Men and a Bed Three men; one bed. Lots of chaos. (pre series, crack)

Three Minutes and Forty-Five Seconds Casey can’t defy the inevitable.

To Hope This is what we do. More than that, this is what living is. Sometimes you have to put yourself out there and hope for the best. (set pre series)

To Sleep (Perchance to Dream) Billy needed sleep -- and a whole lot more.

To the Bone If someone declares something to be impossible, Casey is likely to prove them wrong. Mostly because he can.

Training Day You want Casey on your team but you never want to be under his authority during a training exercise.

Trial by Fire Because a trial by fire can go either way, and Rick knows which one he prefers now more than ever.

Trust Can Be Earned Michael wasn’t lying when he said trust could be earned in the Agency. (preseries spec, Pilot spoilers)

A Turn out of Time The details may change; perception may alter the interpretation a bit, but the ending is what matters.

Twisting the Knife This isn’t really the outcome Rick wanted, but Billy’s alive. Rick thinks it’ll do.

Two Months Because a lot can happen in two months. (Missing Scene Proof of Life)

Unconventional Training Methods Casey trains the team in a new combat technique much to Rick’s chagrin.

Uncovered Because Casey knows what he had to do and he knows what would have happened if he didn’t, but Casey still can’t forget.

Unimportant Jobs In less than a minute, everything had changed.

Unsentimental Lessons Casey’s a pragmatist; Rick’s an idealist. It’s all part of being a team.

A Vacation in Paris Michael’s not the only one who loves Paris. (outsider POV, preseries)

The Way the World Ends It’s such a unexpected thing that Rick barely has time to register it before the entire mission just caves in.

Weekend Report Rick’s had a good weekend and apparently he’s not the only one.

Weird is a Relative Term Michael Dorest has weird hobbies.

When I Am Lost (You Have Not Lost Me) And Carson Simms is dead and there’s nothing Michael can do to change that. ( Pre series)

When We Collide When overwhelmed with Helen’s secrets and Cutter’s cold shoulder, Stephen turns to an outside source for help. The help he gets, however, isn’t exactly what he counted on. (Primeval crossover, 16 parts)

(If There's No One Beside You) When Your Soul Embarks Some bonds, once forged, can’t be broken. (Sequel to (I'll Follow You) Into the Dark by lena7142)

The Wisdom to Know the Difference The mission’s over. Unfortunately, that means the hard part has just begun.

With All I Have “It’s okay,” Michael promises because it’s all he has. “It’s going to be okay.” With art from lena7142.

Worst Rescue Ever This is a rescue operation, damn it. So someone is going to get saved. (two parts)

Worth Saving Billy knows that Casey would never leave him to die.


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