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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

Fic year in review

December 30th, 2013 (01:51 pm)

feeling: bitchy

Yearly recap.

Total number of stories: 102 (including drabbles)

Total posted word count: 578,000 or so

Fandoms: 11
Chaos -- 51
Primeval -- 29
Marvel Comic Universe-- 6
Hawaii Five-0 -- 3
White Collar -- 2
Star Trek reboot -- 2
Crossover -- 1 (Chaos/Pacific Rim)
Rise of the Guardians -- 1
Gilmore Girls -- 1
Grey’s Anatomy -- 1
Pacific Rim -- 1
Mission Impossible -- 1
Skyfall -- 1
Dr. Who -- 1

Gen: Mostly all of them, I think

Het: There are mentions of relationships, but most of them are not overtly het. First Line of Defense does have some in depth Billy/Olivia, though.

Slash: I really just wrote a lot of gen.

Crossovers: 2 (Pacific Rim/Chaos, Chaos/Primeval which I counted as Chaos above because it is very heavily Chaos-centric)

Longest: First Line of Defense (Chaos/Pacific Rim, 119k)

Shortest: I wrote drabbles, so pick one.

Could possibly be a part of canon or future canon: Probably the majority, outside of Primeval.

Totally an AU: Almost all my Primeval ones are AU. I have some random Chaos ones that are out there, and the Pacific Rim/Chaos one is drastically AU.

Qualitative Analysis

Favorite of the year: 
I’m really bad at picking favorites. I really liked By Any Means Necessary, but that’s partly because it reflects a current interest I’ve got going right now. I also really like Stammering Elocution and A Turn Out of Time. I like those two in particular for stylistic reasons, because they both have structures I ended up really liking.

Best of the year: 
Either By Any Means Necessary or The Life You Save (May Be Your Own).. Those were the two best received, anyway.

Most fun to write:Losing Farther, Losing Faster. I wrote Grey’s Anatomy fic solely for myself, and it was just fun in a self-indulgent way.

Most under appreciated: 
 Like last year, most of my fic is for obscure fandoms. I don’t get a lot of readers. So a lot of it feels a bit under appreciated. (Though the flip side is that I so cherish the reviews I do get! You guys are awesome!)

Sexiest fic: 
Yeah, sexy just isn’t my thing. There are some suggestive scenes in the First Line of Defense and Stephen has a lot of pining in How Stephen Got His Groove Back.

"Holy crap that's wrong even for you": 
Probably the closest was A People Person. Though I also slit Billy’s throat twice, once in Unimportant Jobs and again in In the Blink of an Eye. Contingencies got pretty dark, though it was all AU/speculative/what-if.

Fic that shifted my perspective of the characters: The Life You Save (May Be Your Own). Mostly because it’s a 50k fic about Oliver Leek, who I never thought about at all before writing that fic.

Hardest to write:A Promise Kept. I tried writing Loki whump for a friend, and it was slow and tedious. I am really finnicky in my whumping preferences, and writing outside of that is silly hard for me. But The First Line of Defense was also pretty hard, because after about 50k, I had to force myself to keep at it.

Biggest disappointment: Pulling a Gilligan. Steve and Danny stranded on a desert island should have been awesome. The first scene was exactly what I wanted. The rest of the fic, however, was not. Ultimately it was just a lackluster excuse for whump.

Biggest surprise:I Could See for Miles, Miles, Miles. I’m not very into White Collar, but I was prompted to write this fic, and I really loved how it turned out. I was also pleasantly surprised by The First Step in which I cut off Stephen’s foot and ended up with a very uplifting, hopeful fic.

Most telling: Golden Slumbers. LOL, just because early parenthood makes me laugh. I’m not even sure my Gilmore Girls voices are right anymore, but it was still a topic I know well.

In Sum: So I wrote less this year, or I just posted less. I think overall I did fewer longer fics, which is probably part of the reason my word count dropped. I also did a lot of random ficlets for friends that just weren’t worth posting, but that took up some of my time. My fic started to diversify in the last half of the year, shifting away from exclusively Chaos and Primeval while I tried new stuff. By the end here, I’m sort of going with Space Vikings (and the MCU at large). It feels good to try new things, even if still a bit weird. I was also pretty happy that I managed to finish a blackout for my hc_bingo card. I still write almost daily, and it is still sort of all I want to do, so I suppose we’ll see what another year holds.