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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

Masterpost: The Continuing Adventures of Feral Stephen

July 30th, 2012 (10:15 pm)

feeling: anxious

Title: The Continuing Adventures of Feral Stephen

Disclaimer: I do not own Primeval. Feral Stephen belongs to lena7142.

A/N: This series is part of the Second Life verse, following the fic Point of Origin by lena7142. These fics take place when Stephen and Cutter get back and resume life at the ARC.

Summary: Stephen is back but that doesn't mean things are back to normal yet.

A Modest Proposal
The Haircut
Project: Dress Stephen
Thou Art Thyself
Team Bonding
Scar Tissue
The Art of Being Fine
A Little Help From My Friends
Family Ties
How Stephen Got His Groove Back (Part One)
Traffic (AKA The Inevitable Extinction of Mankind)
What's in a Name
Night Terrors
One Unlucky Mugger
In Vino Veritas
Traffic, Take 2 (AKA The Most Dangerous Predator of the 21st Century
Animal Magnetism
Squirrels and Social Norms
The Dinosaur Whisperer
Tooth and Claw
Treading Carefully
Fight or Flight
How Stephen Got His Groove Back (Part Two)
(Not Always) Bulletproof
Weekend Holiday