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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

H50/Chaos fic: Interagency Cooperation 1/7

April 19th, 2012 (06:47 am)

feeling: artistic

Title: Interagency Cooperation

Disclaimer: I don’t own Chaos or Hawaii Five-0.

A/N: I wrote this for moogsthewriter last fall. This spring, sockie1000 was generous enough to beta for me. So they are to blame for this :) Remaining mistakes because I fail at typing. I realize the readership for this is like two people, but since I wrote 50k, I figured I should post it. This is broken up into parts for LJ’s sake.

Spoilers: Set post series Chaos and just prior to the S1 finale of H50. A working familiarity of both shows is probably recommended. The POV shifts around to both groups equally.

Summary: So how they ended up in Hawaii, defending cops who didn’t trust them, with their entire careers on the line is still a little mind-boggling.



“Now why can’t we have more cases like this?” Billy asks.

Rick quirks an eyebrow and looks at him. The Scot looks entirely comfortable, lounging in a beach chair with his toes buried in the sand. He’s got on a pair of swim trunks and his button up Hawaiian printed shirt is open to the sun.

The utter casualness makes Rick even more uncomfortable and he shifts in his own beach chair, trying not to feel conspicuous as they sunbathe with the swarm of tourists. “Because the CIA doesn’t sanction missions within the borders of the United States?” he returns, and he says it lightly but the implication of wrongdoing is still there.

Casey scoffs. He’s lying face down on a towel, his nose amply covered with sunscreen as he stares down the length of the beach. “We are still operating within the confines of the mission,” he says.

Rick shifts in his seat, sitting up a little in exasperation. “Our mission was to apprehend a drug smuggler with excessive gang ties in Japan,” he says, somewhat forceful now.

Michael is wearing his thick-rimmed glasses even with his swim trunks, half looking at his newspaper on a beach chair of his own. “And our drug smuggler decided to go to Hawaii instead,” he says.

“Right,” Rick contends. “So shouldn’t we be handing our intel over to the FBI? Or the local authorities?”

Billy frowns at him in genuine disappointment. “And let those uptight do-gooders have all the fun?”

“There are channels,” Rick reminds them, the speech coming out faster than it had sounded in his head. “Proper chains of command--”

Michael sighs. “If we had caught him in Japan, we would have nothing to hold him on,” he says. “The major bust is here.”

“Yeah, and the FBI--” Rick tries to explain.

“Would play nice with foreign diplomats and arrange for a plea deal. We’d lose out on his entire shipping network,” Casey says.

“But if we wait, trail him and then apprehend him while he’s international waters,” Michael continues.

“We have enough on him that the FBI will have no choice but to charge him and his entire network of smugglers will fold like a house of cards around him,” Billy concludes with an effective flourish.

Rick blinks, trying to muster up another defense.

“It’s legit, Martinez,” Michael says, looking at his paper again.

“So put your feet in the sand, soak up the sun, and keep your eyes open for any movement from our mark,” Casey says, and even though he looks like he’s lounging, Rick can see his eyes trained down the beach.

Billy slaps him on the shoulder. “And thank God that our smuggler chose Hawaii, the island of sun and paradise, and not Alaska for a mid point,” he says. “The view is pretty nice, yeah?”

Rick sighs, glancing from their smuggler, who is sitting with some acquaintances down the way, out to the ocean. It is beautiful, which just makes Rick hate his team for being right a little more.


“I think I got something,” Kono says after lunch. She’s all business when she walks into the conference room, tapping a few keys to bring the screen to life.

Steve cocks his head curiously while Chin and Danny gather around. “Got something on what?” he asks.

“Our John Doe on the beach last week,” she says, pulling up the images. “The one the governor suspects is part of a new gang war.”

Danny nods. “Ah, yes,” he says. “The execution style capping that local PD can’t trace to any local activity, despite all appearances to the contrary. Always fun times.”

“Right,” Kono says, hitting a few more buttons. “But the reason they can’t trace him or come up with any kind of ID is because he’s not affiliated with any local activity.”

Steve watches as an image pops up on the screen, followed by several others. He leans closer, studying them as Kono finishes. “Those are Japanese gangs,” he realizes. He points at the screen. “The tattoos give them away.”

“Exactly,” Kono says with some satisfaction.

“But how did you connect that to our vic?” Chin asks.

Kono smiles slightly, clearly satisfied with herself. “Well, it wasn’t easy,” she explains, pulling up some more photos. “So I worked backward and instead of looking at new conflicts in old gangs, I started looking at old gangs with new conflicts on Hawaiian turf.”

Steve considers this, eyes narrowing as he looks at the mug shots on the screen. “And we’ve got recent activity of Japanese gangs moving here?”

“Not exactly,” Kono says, throwing another photo up. “But what I did manage to find out is that there’s been a recent influx of suspected Japanese gang members coming to shore in the last two weeks.”

“Our friends in the mugshots, then,” Danny concludes.

Chin is frowning. “But they’re all here legally?”

Kono nods. “Passports went through customs and everything,” she says. “Despite suspected affiliations, they have no travel restrictions, and nothing triggered homeland security at the airport.”

“Maybe they just need a vacation,” Danny suggest facetiously. “You know how stressful a life of crime can be.”

“Or maybe they’re planning something, expanding their territory to Hawaii,” Steve says, his mind working to put the pieces together. “That still doesn’t explain our vic.”

“No,” Kono agrees. “But this does.”

With that, a fresh image is splashed on the screen. It’s grainy, clearly a still from some kind of surveillance footage, and Steve has to step closer, but it’s still easy enough to make sense of. “That’s our vic,” he says, noting one of the men in the photo. He’s holding bags, standing next to the group of men identified in Kono’s mugshots.

“What’s he doing,” Danny interjects, squinting to get a better look, “playing tour guide to the Japanese mafia?”

Kono inclines her head. “Something like that,” she says. “I talked to the hotel where I traced these and one of the pool boys ID’d our vic.”

This surprises Steve. “A local?”

Kono pulls up one last image. “Sort of,” she says. “He was ID’d as Hide Shikata. I ran a check with all databases I could think of and the only hit I got was in a local work co-op.”

“He’s here illegally,” Chin concludes, looking at the roster of names. “Places like this – they don’t spend a lot of time with background checks. People without work documents are attracted to them all the time.”

Danny groans. “So our vic was working off the books for a gang of Japanese thugs looking to expand their territory onto US soil,” he says. “Is there anything else I’m missing?”

To this, Kono has no response.

Steve chews his lip. “Just one small thing,” he says.

“Oh, great,” Danny says. “So, please, enlighten us, Steven.”

Steve frowns, looking at the pictures of the gang members again. “If they were here on pleasure, they wouldn’t have had to kill our local,” he says. He looks at his team. “Which means they’re here on business.”

“Which we still haven’t fully identified,” Chin reminds them.

Steve can’t help but grin, the growing surge of adrenaline from the case kicking off. “Not yet, anyway,” he says.

Danny sighs in true melodramatic fashion. “Only you would get excited about the prospect of Japanese gangs,” he mutters.

Moving toward the door, Steve turns around, still grinning. “If you don’t hurry, I’m driving,” he says.

Danny frowns, but doesn’t hesitate to follow. “But it’s my car!”

Kono and Chin chuckle but Steve doesn’t have to look back to know that Danny is following him all the same.


“When I said I wanted to get off the beach, this isn’t what I meant,” Rick says, looking around the nightclub warily. Their mark is off at a table on the side, drinking with a few cohorts who they’ve managed to identify as fellow gang members. They seem to be enjoying themselves, with girls and drinking and dancing in equal intervals.

“You know, you’re kind of picky,” Casey says, not looking at Rick even as he lounges next to him on a bar stool, eyes out at the crowd, tracing errant figures that may or may not be approaching their mark.

“And completely lacking in common sense,” Billy observes, bobbing his head in rhythm with the music as he takes a sip of his drink. “The beach and then a nightclub? Is a godsend, divine providence to compensate for the fact that our last mission was in the Russian arctic.”

Michael moves in beside them, nodding to the bartender. “And we didn’t pick the locale,” he reminds them. “That’s how surveillance works. You follow the mark.”

They’re right, of course. All of them, on every point, which is why it’s so frustrating. More so because Rick has no evidence to suggest that any of them did anything to manipulate these events into occurring. They just seemingly got lucky.

And that just irritates Rick even more.

“Ah, lighten up, laddie,” Billy cajoles as he heads out to the dance floor in the direction of one of the mark’s friends. He turns around beaming. “I’m sure we’ll be stuck in miserable conditions the next time around!”

Casey shakes his head. “You should never tempt the fates by scoring the ideal mission,” he says. “It may come back to haunt you sooner than you think.”

“Besides,” Michael says passing by them again, “if you don’t start to look like you’re having fun, you’re going to tip someone off.”

This just makes Rick scowl more as he keeps his eyes on the mark.


“You know,” Danny says, as he cases the club. “Maybe this case isn’t so bad after all.”

Steve snorts, flashing his badge at the security guard loitering at the entrance. “That’s not what you said earlier.”

Danny inclines his head in agreement. “Earlier you had me pounding down doors in neighborhoods predominately populated by illegal immigrants who all decided to run away as fast as they could instead of sticking around to talk,” he says.

“They don’t trust cops,” Steve says simply, because he’s explained this to Danny before.

“Oh, gee, really?” Danny asks. “In case I missed that when they kept slamming the door in my face and making a run for it down the back alley.”

“At least they didn’t fire at us,” Steve says.

Danny rolls his eyes. “Yes, I suppose I should be grateful that no one gave you an excuse to try creative and excessive force today.”

Steve can’t help but smirk as he looks down at his partner. “Well the day’s not over yet,” he says. “And we’re just now getting to the part where people may actually be armed and dangerous.”

They pause at the outskirts of the room. The music is loud and the lights are low. Steve understands why people come here to hide, but it’s still something of a mystery why anyone would actually come to have fun.

Fortunately, he’s not here for fun, he’s here to talk to Japanese gang members to figure out why they killed their lackey and, more importantly, what their business really was in Hawaii.

“I don’t like that look,” Danny observes next to him.

“What look?” Steve says with a frown.

Danny nods at him, lifting one hand emphatically. “That look,” he says. “That look that says there’s something that you want and you intend to use less than diplomatic means of getting it.”

Steve looks at Danny, perturbed. “I’m trying to do my job.”

Danny holds up his hands innocently. “So am I,” he says. “I just try to do my job without breaking the law or getting myself killed.”

Steve shakes his head. “I just know these types--”

Danny shakes his head, eyes rolling. “I know, I know, I know,” he says. He holds out one hand as he explains, “These types who don’t listen to reason, who only respond to violence, who need to be threatened in order to talk honestly about their plans.”

Steve stares.

“I’ve heard it before,” Danny continues.

“And it works,” Steve says.

“If you call nearly killing suspects and getting shot at success--”

“I thought we established that we hadn’t encountered anything like that today?” Steve counters.

“And I thought you reminded me the day was young?” Danny replies.

At that, Steve grins. “See, I knew I could count on you to follow my lead,” he says, patting Danny on the shoulder.

Danny sighs dramatically, but when Steve starts to move, Danny is right beside him. Based on their conversations with Shikata’s family, the gang had been using this nightclub as a common meeting ground for associates, employees, and clients alike.

Steve knows better, of course. He’s been around Danny long enough to know that the proper way of doing things would be to do establish more of the background, to take the time to trace their suspect’s associates and put together some kind of case, something with legal justification to base continuing the investigation on.

But just because Steve knows better doesn’t mean he actually cares. The governor’s loose reins are something that he fully intends to use, especially when time is of the essence.

And time is of the essence. Chin and Kono had spent the morning discovering anything they could of the gang’s travel plans and had immediately stumbled upon return tickets back to Japan within three days.

This means that Steve has three days to piece together how many gang members are in the country, ascertain what their motives were for killing Hide, and prevent whatever networking plans they may have in place.

Not to mention thwarting said plans and ideally stopping the criminals from going back to Japan before Steve could feasibly lobby charges of murder at the very least.

Which means, sadly, that Danny’s police procedure will have to take a backseat.

Besides, Steve’s way really is more fun and part of him suspects Danny agrees, even if the New Jersey native is loathe to admit it.

They’re not hard to spot. The group has taken up residence at a table along the side of the club. The gathering appears casual enough, complete with drinks and chuckles between them, but Steve still sees the dangerous glint in their eyes as they scan the crowd. More than that, he can see the stiff posture, which suggests that they’re relaxing but still ready for anything. Steve wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still armed somehow, even past security checkpoints.

Danny seems to understand the inherent danger as well, and he flanks Steve loosely, hands at his side, one brushing his gun unconsciously as they approach.

Steve doesn’t need such a simple reminder. Instead he holds his head high, walks up to the table and smiles. “Katashi Ito,” he says, looking steadily at the man he recognizes as the leader from Kono’s background photos.

To his credit, the man belies nothing. He smiles vaguely as he looks at Steve. “May I help you this evening?” he says, and his English is impeccable if heavily accented.

Steve nods. “Yeah, as a matter of fact,” he says. “I was wondering if you could tell me what a well known Japanese gang member is doing in Hawaii with more than a handful of his known associates.”

The others at the table seem to shift a bit; Danny edges unconsciously closer to Steve’s side. Still, Steve doesn’t look away, watches the other man, looking for some indication of what he’s thinking.

Ito is good, though. He quirks an eyebrows quizzically. “Rumors of such involvement are grossly exaggerated,” he says primly. “My colleagues and I are simply enjoying a well deserved vacation from our extensive work in the Japanese financial sector.”

Next to him, Danny snorts. “Usually when I take a vacation, I do it to get away from my colleagues,” he says.

Steve looks at him. “That’s hurtful.”

Danny shrugs. “I prefer some days of sanity.”

Ito is still smiling benignly. “My colleagues and I devote our entire lives to work,” he explains. “We have left our families and the comforts of our home to pursue financial success. To us, the only family that matters is the kind of we build around us.”

Steve nods, feigning thoughtfulness. “You know, as someone without much family left, I see the value in that, I really do,” he says. “But that still doesn’t explain why your family keeps such questionable company in its downtime.”

This time, Steve produces a photo. Chin had dredged it up this morning, featuring one of the lower level members soliciting drugs.

Ito looks at it, mostly disinterested. “Foolish, perhaps,” he says, looking at Steve banally. “But my family works hard. I do not judge their desire for recreation.”

“Yeah, well how about their desire for murder,” Steve says, pulling out the next photo. This one is one he got, borrowed from the victim’s family.

Ito’s expression doesn’t flicker as he looks at the photo. “I do not know this man, I’m afraid.”

“That’s funny,” Danny interjects. “Because we have surveillance footage showing you and your so-called family spending quite a bit of time with him.”

“Yeah, until he turned up dead on a beach last week,” Steve concludes for him.

Ito shrugs. “We have relied heavily on the locals to manage our time here,” he says.

“I’m not sure of the customs in Japan,” Danny says, “but here, in America, we tend to tip our help with a few bucks, not a pair of bullets to the back of the head.” He motions behind his head to make his point.

Ito collects a breath, letting it out in a controlled fashion. “Gentlemen,” he says, “this is dark conversation for small talk. If you have some real accusations to voice, I will respectfully hear you out. Otherwise, I might suggest you find other hobbies for your recreation.”

Steve steps forward. “Okay, how about this,” he says. “It’s not going to take much to link one of your guys to our victim. Once we do that, we’re going to have grounds to hold all of you. So you could just spare us the trouble and explain what you’re really doing in Hawaii.”

It’s blunt and it’s harsh; Ito isn’t the kind of man who plays around. He’s straightforward, which is why Shikata’s body was so easy to find. He’s not afraid of getting caught because he doesn’t think he makes mistakes.

He’s wrong, of course, and Steve intends to prove that sooner rather than later.

The men at the table is tense and Danny’s hand is dangerously close to his gun. Ito is still impassive. “Words such as this are disrespectful,” he says. “In our culture, such things are not looked kindly upon.”

“Well, wise up, jack ass,” Danny says. “We’re not in your culture right now.”

“And I understand that,” Ito says, glancing at Danny. He looks back at Steve. “I am not so sure my men do.”

It’s a threat, and Steve knows it. There’s no order to attack in Ito’s disposition, but his words imply it. No one will come at them here and now, but he and Danny are marked men now and Ito’s men won’t hesitate to act on that, even if it risks their own backside to protect their leader.

Moreover, Steve has loose reins, but he also has no evidence to warrant any kind of takedown right now. Ito is playing his cards right, and Steve’s stirred the hornet’s nest. This will make it easier to figure out what the real plan is; this will also make walking out of here in one piece a lot more difficult.

Backing up, Steve forces a smile. “Then let’s make sure nothing gets lost in translation,” he says. “I will figure out who pulled the trigger and I will figure out why you’re here. And you will all go down, one way or another.” He nods briskly. “But certainly, have a great night here. It may be your last for a while.”

With that, he turns without looking back. Danny follows him, falling into step alongside him. “That’s it?” he asks.

Steve nods. “For now.”

“You do know that they’re going to try to kill us, right?” Danny asks.

“Yeah, once we get out onto the street,” Steve says.

“Oh, okay,” Danny says. “I just thought, maybe, that detail might concern you.”

At that, Steve grins down at Danny. “You worried?”

Danny lifts his eyebrows. “A night of staving of peril and near death? Worried?” Danny waves a hand. “I’d say you’re slipping if it went any other way.”

Steve chuckles, even as his body tenses as they step back out into the street.


It takes Rick only thirty seconds to identify the two new men in the club as cops. Once Rick takes a notice of them, it’s really pretty obvious. After all, one has a badge displayed on his hip and they’ve both got gun holsters.

In all, thirty seconds really isn’t all that much time, especially in a crowded nightclub with low lights and a hoard of people.

Of course, it’s also thirty seconds longer than the rest of his team. By the time Rick has brought himself to attention to alert the others of the potential complication, Casey is already nodding a signal to Billy, who has edged around the crowd in that general direction while Michael finds a seat along the wall with a better view.

“It could be a coincidence,” Rick says, not looking at Casey while he keeps his eyes trained on the cops as they make their way through the crowd. They’re not going for discreet, so it seems likely that whatever they’re after is work related.

“Two cops in a nightclub where known Japanese gang members frequent?” Casey asks, more than somewhat rueful. He ticks up an eyebrow, looking at Rick with something akin to disappointment. “That’s one hell of an assumption.”

Rick can’t deny it and he deflates a little. Still, he can’t help but try to defend himself. “Sometimes paranoia is just that – paranoia,” he says, hissing the last word out with a bit of venomous frustration.

He barely finishes his sentence, however, when the two cops walk straight up to the mark’s table and start talking.

Casey looks at him. “You were saying?”

Rick scowls, and keeps himself alert. The other members of the gang spread throughout the bar have tensed at the sudden appearance, and even if Rick’s not close enough to hear the exchange, it seems fairly obvious that it’s not a friendly meeting.

Michael is tense in his seat; Billy edges closer and closer with each beat of the music.

Casey’s eyes narrow. “They’ve got some kind of nerve,” he says. “Openly engaging a known criminal without a warrant to work with.”

“We never work with a warrant,” Rick says.

Casey glances at him blandly. “We’re also not local PD,” he says. He looks back at the scene. “And we have a plan.”

“Maybe they have a plan,” Rick suggests, mostly because he just wants to be contrary now since someone has to attempt to be reasonable and sane on this team.

“Oh, it’s a plan,” Casey agrees. “With the subtlety of a ten pound anvil.”

Rick frowns. He’s shaking his head when the tension at the table seems to peak and the two cops turn and start to walk away. Rick thinks maybe that’s that, that nothing has changed, but he sees the mark nod to his men slightly before one of them picks up his phone and types a message.

It’s a chain reaction that Rick has to be looking for to see, but it’s still there to his watchful eye. Members on the dance floor are leaving, checking their phones and heading toward the door. It’s one, then two – three, four, five. All following after at a distance that’s hard to mistake from Rick’s vantage point.

Even if Rick can see it, though, it’s still not entirely clear to him what’s about to happen. If he has to guess, he’d assume that the men were off to send some kind of message, possibly to enact some kind of hit. It’d be foolish and forward to some degree, but then Rick thinks about how easy it would be to get away with.

Nor would it be out of the standard MO for this gang.

Still, it seems brazen. Rick leans closer to Casey. “Are they--?” he starts to ask, but Casey is already at the alert, making eye contact with Michael.

“Yes,” Casey says lowly. “They are.”

Michael nods and looks to Billy.

“And are we--?” Rick starts to ask.

Billy nods and moves toward the door.

“Yes,” Casey says. “We are.”

Casey doesn’t need to spell it out, and Rick doesn’t need any more instructions. He’s still the new guy on the team, but he knows how to read a situation as well as the rest of them. They’re all making their own retreat, following just a few steps behind the rest of the gang. It’s a risky move, Rick knows, because if they interfere, they risk blowing their cover and losing their vantage point on the operation.

More than that, if this goes south and they’re affiliated with it, they could be brought up on charges for conducting their affairs within US borders.

In a lot of ways, it’s an unnecessary risk.

But as Rick follows two steps behind Casey, he thinks about the two cops and remembers that his team isn’t bad for the sake of being bad. They’re bad for the sake of being good and they can’t let these two cops walk out to certain peril and possibly death.

To that end, Rick doesn’t think twice, even as he debates the myriad of possible negative outcomes that could result not only in the end of his career but time in prison.

There’s not much time to think about it, however. When he gets to the street, Casey veers hard to the right and they barely make it around the side of the building when the scuffle is audible.

“You know,” someone is saying, “I knew you criminal types would be stupid, but to jump two cops? Really?”

That’s the only prelude to the conflict, and Rick can hear the sound of feet on the pavement and flesh on flesh.

Casey is sprinting in front of him now, Billy and Michael pulling in beside, when the sound of a gunshot nearly makes Rick stumble.

Casey gets to the corner first, but Billy’s long legs bring him up just behind.

There’s a pause in the action and Billy stands with his hands out. “Excuse me, gentlemen,” he says grandly. “But I think I took a wrong turn a block back. Can anyone tell me how to find the ocean?”

It’s a pathetic distraction, but it’s all Casey needs to charge ahead and when Rick clears the corner a step behind Michael, the self-dubbed human weapon is already engaged in one and one combat with one of the assailants.

The scene is surprising – Rick had counted five inside, but there are easily eight assailants now – and one of the cops is on the ground, holding a hand to his head while the other turns in his attacker’s grip, lashing out with surprising efficiency even as the other close in.

Michael and Billy don’t hesitate, picking the nearest opponent to engage. Rick sees the flash of a knife and jumps in as well, barely kicking it free before it finds purchase in the downed cop’s back.

He’s hit from behind and stumbles, but he uses the momentum to duck down and throw his attacker off balance. From there, he drives his leg up, catching the man cleanly in the groin. He falls and Rick rolls out of the way, slamming his head into the pavement as he falls.

It’s a successful hit and the man goes limp, and Rick is so enjoying his victory that he doesn’t have time to stop the next attacker as he charges.

Rick flinches and braces himself, and is surprised when the man is knocked off course by a violent tackle.

The man hits the ground, the taller cop right on top of him. The other cop is on his feet now, still fingering a gash on his head as he shakes his head. “You couldn’t have tried that earlier, huh?” he asks.

From the ground, the taller cop grins, keeping pressure on the assailant. “Like you were pulling your weight there, Danno,” he says.

“That’s because while you were antagonizing them, I was actually trying to arrest them for attempted assault,” the shorter one snarks.

Michael walks over, wiping his hands on his pants. Billy is checking an assailant with his foot while Casey is stepping over one of the bodies of the felled men.

The taller one gets to his feet. “Good work with that,” he says.

The shorter one snorts. “Well, it usually works better when my partner doesn’t choose to engage an entire Japanese gang.”

Michael helps pull Rick to his feet as he continues his way toward the cops. “Are you two all right?”

The shorter one bristles a little. “Never better,” the short one says, and Rick gets the distinct impression that this kind of thing is not so unusual for him.

The taller one is more skeptical, sizing them all up. “5-0,” he says, as if that should mean something. “And we had this under control.”

Casey comes up and holds out a gun. “I can see that,” he says with more than a hint of doubt in his voice.

The short one at least has the decency to look sheepish as he takes back his weapon. “Just some police business,” he says. “No need to trouble yourself with it. We’ve got it from here.”

Michael nods a little. “So the fact that you nearly got taken out by eight armed men in a back alley?”

“Is surprisingly common,” the short one says.

“And that doesn’t concern you?” Billy asks.

“Hell, yes, it concerns me,” the short one says. “But comes with the territory.”

Rick frowns. “5-0,” he repeats, trying to put together where he’s heard the term. “That’s the governor’s hand selected task force, right?”

The tall one looks vaguely impressed. “That’s right,” he says, and he’s still eyeing them critically. “You local? Tourists?”

“Tourists,” Michael interjects before Rick can think of something. “Just happened to be passing through.”

The tall one looks at the shorter one, and they exchange an understanding without having to say anything. The shorter one nods emphatically. “Four thoroughly trained men who are just passing through happen to stumble upon an assault led by eight gang members,” he says, letting the statement’s ridiculousness convey his obvious doubt.

Rick kept himself from twitching, the fear of losing his cover suddenly pressing very strongly on his mind.

“A bit coincidental, don’t you think?” the tall one asks.

The younger one shrugs in an overly dramatic fashion. “Positively uncanny, Steven.”

“We were just trying to lend a hand,” Michael says, and that much is entirely true.

“And it’s a good thing we did, too,” Casey interjects.

“We are what you might call habitual do gooders,” Billy says with a knowing nod. “With an impeccable penchant for being in the right place at the right time.”

“Yeah, maybe,” the tall one says. “Or maybe you’re working your own angle on our case.”

There’s a note of accusation and distrust.

Rick’s jaw tightens.

Michael holds his hands out. “We don’t even know what case you’re talking about.”

That much isn’t technically a lie, but no one there believes it as the eight men still lie subdued on the ground.

The tall one nods, considering.

The short one rolls his eyes. “Oh, here we, go--”

“Well you better figure it out,” the tall one continues, stepping forward with surprisingly strong conviction. “Or we’ll have to draw you up on obstruction of justice for interfering with an official 5-0 investigation.”

It sounds like he’ll do it, and again, Rick is struck with the incredulity of the move.

“After we saved your lives?” Michael asks.

“Don’t second guess him,” the short one says, shaking his head. “It only brings out his uncommonly impossible lack of logic in police proceedings.”

“I never said I wanted to,” the tall one says. “I’m just saying this is no coincidence and maybe we can help each other out. What are you, FBI?”

The short one shakes his head. “Too secretive for FBI,” he says.

“NSA? Homeland security?” the tall one probes.

Michael shifts his stance, glancing just slightly at Casey. Billy almost looks amused. Rick feels sick.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say CIA,” the short one says. “But that’s impossible since the CIA doesn’t have grounds to operate within US borders.”

“Which is why they’d keep a low profile,” the tall one continues, the realization dawning on him. “Well, I’ll be damned.”

The short one actually laughs. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Rick actually wants to throw up now, envisioning Higgins apoplectic reaction as he disavowed them all and turned them over to the justice department. It’s a less than pleasant picture and yet one that Rick can suddenly see all too clearly.

At that, Michael shrugs, staying frustratingly calm despite the precariousness of the situation. “No matter who we are, we’re still four men who happened to save your asses,” he says. “As far as I can tell, you’re in a bit over your head.”

“Yeah,” the tall one says, not backing down. “As far as I can tell, a few calls and I can get you all brought up on charges.”

Rick tenses, glancing at his teammates. Even though Casey and Billy haven’t moved, it’s clear the direction of the conversation is making them slightly nervous.

“Or,” Michael counters with ease, “we can play it your way. We’ve helped you once; we can help you again.”

“As much fun as that sounds,” the short one says. “How do we know we can trust you?”

Michael smirks a bit, looking around at the mess of bodies in the alleyway. “Actions speak louder than words sometimes.”

“If we meant you any harm or had any desire to see you permanently removed from this case, we wouldn’t be having this conversation at all,” Casey points out.

“Indeed, and you poor blokes would likely be finding yourselves in the trunk of a car on your way to the bottom of the ocean,” Billy adds. “It’s not a pleasant place to be. Trust me on that one.”

The two cops exchange another look, another unspoken conversation going on between them. The short one sighs and the taller one looks back at Michael with a nod. “Fine,” he says. “But we do this my way.”

Casey and Billy manage to keep a straight face. Michael inclines his head in implicit agreement, but Rick can only hope that the fact that the ODS saved their lives will compensate for all the lies that are inevitably bound to follow.

Eyeing his teammates warily before looking at the skeptical cops, Rick tries to smile, even though for some reason he gets the distinct feeling that this mission just got a whole lot more complicated.



Posted by: JazzyBabe (jazzybabe56)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 11:54 am (UTC)
Grief Steve

the links to your other chapters aren't working....:(

oops I spoke out of turn - didn't know you were posting them as I was typing! :) ♥

Edited at 2012-04-19 11:58 am (UTC)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 12:19 pm (UTC)
danny explanation

Indeed. Sorry about that! I should have screened the posts until I was ready but I was just so intent that I forgot! At any rate, all should be linked and working now :)

Posted by: JazzyBabe (jazzybabe56)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 12:21 pm (UTC)

thanx so much for a new H50 story BTW - I absolutely loved your H50/Oceans crossover - it was epic! I'm sure this will be the same! ♥♥

Edited at 2012-04-19 12:22 pm (UTC)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 12:27 pm (UTC)
danny thoughtful

My H50 muse is a bit haywire these days, but I can still break out a Steve and Danny fic occasionally :) This is a bit different than the Oceans crossover but I hope you still enjoy it to some extent!

Posted by: blackdog_lz (blackdog_lz)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 02:58 pm (UTC)

I'm pretty sure more than two people are reading this :)
Especially since it's already a awesome start.
And now I'm giddily off to the next parts.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: April 20th, 2012 11:58 am (UTC)
danny thoughtful

I'm just glad it's not awful. This is a fic that wasn't supposed to be long and then the characters just wouldn't stop talking! I've been debating whether or not to crosspost to an H50 comm. It's just been so long since I've written H50 that I've gotten shy about it, I think!

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Posted by: fredbassett (fredbassett)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 03:23 pm (UTC)

“Don’t second guess him,” the short one says, shaking his head. “It only brings out his uncommonly impossible lack of logic in police proceedings.”

LOL, brilliant!

I'll be back to read some more when I've finished a long journey.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: April 20th, 2012 11:59 am (UTC)
billy earnest

This fic ended up being so long mostly because the characters couldn't shut up. So I'm glad the dialogue was okay :)

I hope your journey is a good one! Thanks!

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: April 19th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)

hee, this is brilliant! :D

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: April 20th, 2012 11:59 am (UTC)
CHAOS team

I'm quite glad you liked it! Thanks!

Posted by: nietie (nietie)
Posted at: April 20th, 2012 11:35 am (UTC)

Great idea for a crossover. I've watched only two or three episodes of H5-0, but it has the same vibe and interaction between the team members as CHAOS, I think.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: April 20th, 2012 12:01 pm (UTC)
chaos three musketeers

I can't take credit for the idea, but these characters did seem to mesh pretty naturally :) Overall, I enjoyed Chaos a lot more than H50 (which is why I'm still writing Chaos, even a year later!) but early S1 H50 is still highly entertaining. And you're right on the dynamic -- there are distinctive similarities that were fun to write about :)


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