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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

Masterpost, the second

January 21st, 2021 (11:04 pm)
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Masterpost is now split because it got too big for one post.

Primeval Fic

Absolute Truths When anomalies appear in the United States, Michael learns that rifts in time aren’t the only secret that matters to his team. (crossover with Chaos)

All of Our Ships are Sinking Maybe Stephen Hart’s death is a good place to start. (spoilers 2.07)

Anything (and Everything) If Stephen had known then, if Stephen had understood from the beginning, then maybe he would have made a different choice. (pre-series spec, S2 AU)

The First Step Too much has happened. We can’t go back to the way it was. (AU 2.01)

Five Times Helen Changed the Timeline Helen will create the right future, the best future, no matter how many times she may have to try. (references throughout S3, preseries spec)

Five Times Nick Looked After Stephen Stephen Hart was more than a student. He was more than a lab tech, too. He was more than a colleague or a partner. He was a friend. (preseries, 1.02, 2.01, 2.07 AU)

Five Futures that Never Were After Stephen, after Claudia, after everything, Nick’s just lost too much of himself to worry about losing the rest. (references through S3 with AU-ness and preseries spec and various canon pairings)

Fixed Points This is the point of origin. This is where Helen started to change things. So this is where we can make it right again. (post S3, fix it, weirdness, people die but not)

Happenstance When Billy Collins shows up at an anomaly site, there are more questions than answers for everyone involved. (crossover with Chaos, spoilers through 2.07)

Hero Worship A chance encounter makes Ben Trent reconsider his lifelong aspirations. (1.01 missing scene)

A Joint Decision Nick and Helen choose a lab technician. (preseries spec)

Life, the Universe, and Anomalies You can’t figure out the answer. But once you ask the right questions, that’s all that matters. (AU, fix-it)

The Life You Save (May Be Your Own) One moment changed everything. (AU, fix-it, six parts)

No Matter What the Ending (My Life Begins with You) Paradise isn’t an ending at all. It’s a beginning. With the whole story left to be told. (AU, fix-it)

One Line at a Time No matter what Cutter wants to do, it seems like all the choices have been made for him, even until the very, very end. (S2, AU, fix-it, two parts)

Our Beginnings Never Know Our Ends It was time to let go of the past, Cutter told himself, and hold onto the future. (preseries spec)

Reasons to Live Dying is easier. (2.07 AU)

Run for Your Life (If You Can) Silly Stephen, starting things he didn’t really want to finish. Someone could put that on his gravestone when this was over. (S1)

Scars that Never Felt a Wound Michael had questions and Michael wanted answers, but in all the mystery, one truth was clearer than the rest: Billy was one of them, and nothing would change that. (Chaos/Primeval crossover, prequel to Absolute Truths)

Shifting Equilibrium Guilt, like most other emotions, is something Nick has preferred not to deal with, and the idea of Stephen dying on his account is almost more than he knows how to take. (Tag to 1.02)

The Skies I'm Under Cutter’s holding the gun. Stephen never heard a shot. (S2 fix it)

Starting Again Stephen’s would-be redemption is difficult. (Drabble series, post 2.07 AU)

Stranger Things Stephen’s fought future predators before, and he’s faced sabretooths and raptors and all the like. But is that really a raccoon? (Crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy)

Ten Steps to the End of the World K-Day changed everything. For Stephen Hart, more than most. (fusion with Pacific Rim)

Time is a Slow Sword Ignoring history means sacrificing the future. Of all people, Nick knows better. (spoilers through mid S3, canon character death)

Two Steps Back After leaving the ARC, Stephen moves on with his life. He’s just not sure where he’s actually going anymore. (sequel to The First Step)

(Don't Build Your World Around) Volcanoes Melt You Down Time will always tell.

What Follows Next Cutter leads; Stephen follows. This is how they are. They work so well together this way.

Whatever Waits Beyond It’s not heaven, but it’s not hell. (spoilers through mid S3, canon character death)

When We Collide When overwhelmed with Helen’s secrets and Cutter’s cold shoulder, Stephen turns to an outside source for help. The help he gets, however, isn’t exactly what he counted on. (Chaos crossover, 2.06 AU and beyond, 16 parts)


Already Falling Stephen thinks he’s been given a second chance, a newfound grace, the opportunity to rebuild something better.

The Anatomy of an Apology Stephen knows how to apologize. (spoilers 2.07)

Armed and Dangerous Connor really wants a gun. (S2)

Belief There’s a chance to make things right. (AU 2.07)

The Best Day (The Best Day) To Cutter, it would always be the worst day ever. (AU 2.07)

The Club “Am I dead?” April wonders. (spoilers S5)

Clues Nick says they’re okay, but truly, he resents Stephen more with each passing day. (spoilers 2.07)

Discovery and Study He feared for the man’s sanity stuck at home with a recovering near-invalid. (AU 2.07)

Eons Good things come to those who wait. (AU post 2.07)

Gain Enough Stephen refuses the pain medication. (post 2.07 AU)

Hanging On I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. (S1, Connor, Stephen)

Introductions Stephen meets Nick.

Lost For eight years, they didn’t find Helen.

Making the Choice You have to make your choice. (pre series)

The More Things Change Stephen always knew this would destroy everything: that’s the thing that’s not different at all.

Mortified Pride This is why boys should read more Austen. (S2)

Most Things Most things in Connor’s job got easier. (post S5)

(Not) The Best Night Ever Helen's case will stay open. (pre series)

Never Leaving Cutter bows his head, pleading fervently as if in prayer, “Don’t leave me.” (2.07 AU)

One to Talk Stephen eyed Cutter’s ensemble, noting his hair in particular. “Is it meant to look like that?”

Perfect Company People underestimate lizards, but they’ve got intelligence and personality. (post S2)

Pieces When Stephen dies, he’s entirely ripped to pieces. (set in 2.07)

Promises“I’ll go anywhere with you. Anywhere at all.” (Helen/Nick, pre-series)

Ragged Wholes Still, they all show up – Connor, Abby, Jenny, Lester – telling him it’s okay. (2.07 fix-it)

Reasons to Live (Reasons to Die) It’s the motivating factor. (S4, Connor/Abby)

Shooting at Air Cutter always makes things sound so easy – teaching and research and Helen – but Stephen’s the one who finds himself doing the work.

Signs Stephen had his transfer papers ready, his key to turn in. (pre-series spec)

Split Second Decisions When a predator charges, taking aim for the head is an essential split second decision that makes the difference between walking away intact and not walking away at all. (2.07)

Sticks and Stones (and Bullets) We both know words still hurt. (AU for 2.07 and 3.03)

True Devotion Stephen learns what true devotion is all about. (more 2.07)

What Was (And What Will Be) Cutter and Stephen both try to move ahead. Set post 2.01. (drabble)

Where the Heart Is Over the years, others tried finding his heart. (2.07)

Kept Drabble Series

Kept Stephen survives. That may not be a good thing. (2.07 AU)

Escape Stephen didn’t know how he’d got here; didn’t know why or how. He suspected he didn’t want to find out.

Better Late Than Never “Seems I’m running late,” Helen mused. “Because you seem to think it’s time to go.”

Blossoming Faster, stronger, higher – still not enough.

Unexpected Stephen was never part of the master plan.

Collateral Damage What have you done to me?

The Grass is Greener The grass is always greener. Except when it’s not.

Winning Stephen wants to win; Helen thinks he needs to adjust his priorities.

Smitten Stephen had mostly given up the idea of love at first sight.

Lessons Learned Stephen is the model patient.

Bad Feelings Stephen’s work and effort is about to pay off.

The Price Everything’s for sale; it’s just a matter of price.

The Blame Game Helen is trying to help; Stephen is not so sure.

Games Stephen is tired of games.

Fossils Helen chased after the wrong things: control, ideas, theories, relics.

Repeating History Same old story. Good intentions, bad outcome.

Delayed Gratification Let’s save the fireworks for another day.

No Matter What Stephen finally knew where he was going.

Safe Haven Stephen learns where they are.

Ever the Same Stephen could see similarities.

Cogito Ergo Sum Stephen thought.

If Only in my Dreams He didn’t miss his mother’s holiday, but he still wanted to be home for Christmas.

God Bless Us Everyone It was Stephen’s idea.

One Shot Wetting his lips, Stephen swallowed his fear. He had one shot at this. If this went wrong...

Almost Home Stephen might make it back in time for holiday leftovers.

Disappointment This was what he’d worked for.

Betrayal You know, lying to people is no way to keep friends.

Impasse Stephen wants to leave; Helen has other ideas.

Fight or Flight Stephen should have had this fight years ago.

This Time Stephen didn’t know what to do.

A Fair Fight Stephen realized grimly that he might actually lose.

A First Everything stopped.

Ultimatum No one has to get hurt.

An Invitation It was an invitation; Helen had always been so hard to resist.

To Shoot or Not to Shoot Stephen had never been good at Shakespeare.

Pulling the Trigger One of them was going to die here.

The Decision Stephen’s life flashed before him.

Over Stephen had won.

Entrance It was a graceless, jarring entrance.

Home My God, Stephen. You’re home.

Realizations I’m sorry.

Acceptance But Stephen had held on so long, he’d fought so hard. He’d got what he wanted.

A Future Every moment came back to the same mistakes.

Strange Bedfellows Stephen opened his eyes.

Black and Blue Through it all, Cutter was there.

Life Goes On Stephen made amends.

The Second Life Verse

Based on the story Point of Origin by lena7142.

A Modest Proposal Everyone is glad Stephen is back, except for one small problem...

The Haircut It’s time for Stephen to face the scissors.

Project: Dress Stephen There was simply no way around it. Stephen had to get dressed.

Thou Art Thyself Coming back here, it became apparent to Stephen that it wasn’t that everyone else had forgotten him -- it was that he had forgotten himself.

Team Bonding Stephen joins the team at the ARC.

Scar Tissue Everyone else found Stephen’s scars to be a walking conversation starter.

The Art of Being Fine Stephen gets sick. Not that he wants to admit that.

A Little Help from My Friends Cutter has a date; Stephen helps. Mostly.

Family Ties Helen had sent a clone in his place for the sake of appearances. And no one had noticed.

The Short Unhappy Life of Stephen Hart Sometimes people walked through anomalies and didn’t come back. Stephen should have known. (Character death, canon-ish)

How Stephen Got His Groove Back (Part One) Maybe we should work on your ability to walk into a room without scaring the shite out of people before we think about dating.

Freefall Freefall. It was thrilling and exciting and enlivening -- until you hit the ground.

Traffic (AKA The Inevitable Extinction of Mankind) Stuck in the car, Stephen and Cutter face one of their most trying foe yet. Sort of.

What's In a Name Stephen decides it’s time for a change.

Night Terrors Stephen has trouble sleeping. Cutter mostly just has trouble.

One Unlucky Mugger The problem was that Cutter had been mugged in London with Stephen.

In Vino Veritas Stephen was socially inept most of the time, but Cutter had to admit, he was a good drinking partner.

Traffic, Take 2 Because, less than nine months months after bringing Stephen back from the Permian, here they were: in hospital.

Animal Magnetism The girls contemplate the mystery that is Stephen.

Squirrels and Social Norms Stephen learns to fit in; Cutter learns to let go; and Sarah has a barbecue.

The Dinosaur Whisperer Stephen has a way with animals.

Tooth and Claw Stephen and Cutter realize which things are worth fighting for.

Treading Carefully Stephen seemed to operate under the impression that shoes were optional.

Fight or Flight Stephen finally understands what Cutter’s been talking about.

How Stephen Got His Groove Back (Part Two) Stephen's always been a creature of instinct. But there are some instincts Cutter's not prepared to address.

(Not Always) Bulletproof In some ways, they were invincible. Then, in some ways, they weren’t.

Weekend Holiday Cutter wasn’t sure how Stephen had talked him into this.

Evolutionary Feats Life, once in motion, changes as much as it has to in order to survive.



Rolling with the Punches Getting what you want is never easy. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson Hope learns the hard way. (post movie)


And Shawarma After They’re superheroes, but now that they’ve saved the world, it occurs to Steve that they’ve just barely saved themselves -- and each other. (Avengers, missing scene)

The Long Fall Back to Earth The thing is, Tony’s not really a hero. (Avengers, missing scene)

Recovery Taking the reactor out is easy. Learning to live afterward, not so much. (post Avengers, post IM3)

Safe to Land It is a calling, of the utmost importance, to protect someone or something that you deem at a greater value than your own life. Such a sacrifice is unparalleled. (Post Avengers, post TDW, Thor centric)

Suffer the Children Loki’s latest scheme goes about as well as can be expected. (Post Avengers, post TDW, Thor centric)

With Your Shield Because Steve knows now what it’s like, to be the one left behind. He knows what it’s like to wait for the one who may never come back. He knows what it’s like to regret the words he never said, the dances he never danced. Next time, he’d take that chance. (Post Avengers, post TDW, Steve centric)

Captain America

Five Times Steve and Bucky Fought Together Steve’s been looking for a cause to fight for, this much is true, but what he’s needed was someone to fight with.

Five Times Steve Begged Bucky Steve had spent so much of his life looking for a cause to fight for. Bucky had found his when he was 12 years old.

Half of the Time We're Gone Steve and Bucky started in New York. Steve just wants them to end there, as well.

Lock and Key Sometimes the most important healing is what we do ourselves.

Worth Waiting For Honestly, it was a hell of a choice to make. Deciding what risks were worth it and what side effects were acceptable. He was dictating the quality of life of his best friend.

You and Me Til the End of Time Just this once, after all these years, Steve wants a fairy tale.

Iron Man

Five Times Tony Was Rejected People are going to disappoint you sometimes. You have to remember: that says more about them than it does you.


By Any Means Necessary Young Loki challenges Thor to a fight. They both suffer the consequences. (Pre-Thor)

In the Loop Family was complicated. It made time travel look pretty damn easy in comparison. (Doctor Who crossover)

Measure of a Man It had always started with the hammer. (Thor AU)

A Mother's Concern For Thor would have to fall many times before he understood the cost of his brashness. (pre movies)

Much To Do With Hate (But More with Love) This is a good story. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. (pre, and post movies; character death)

A Promise Kept Loki breaks a promise; Thor keeps his. (Post Avengers)

Proximity Alarm Thor comes back to Earth. Jane thinks it’s great. Except all the times it isn’t. (Jane/Thor, Post TDW)

Winter Winds Loki was still grappling with the overwhelming fact that he’d been kidnapped from his home and taken off for likely nefarious purposes with nothing but a well intentioned and overly confident oaf at his side. (pre-Thor)

Guardians of the Galaxy

According to Plan Peter can steal anything. He can charm a lot of people. He can even save the galaxy from time to time. But relationships.

Apocalypse Never Peter tries to die. Gamora has other ideas.

Changes That was how Gamora won. All it took was losing everything.

(What You Don't Know) Definitely Hurts You Peter’s ability to be wrong was proven in graphic detail.

Forgetting to Remember Forgetting is not the solution. Peter learns that the hard way.

The Hard Way Peter trusts his team. Except Peter doesn’t trust anyone.

(The Whole World) In Your Hands The light was gone, and Peter knew this beyond all doubt. Because it had taken a huge part of him with it.

Little Boy Lost Peter’s been living a lost childhood long enough.

A Matter of Restraint Peter’s not exactly known for his brilliant strategies.

The New Normal Ego had offered him a purpose. But the Guardians of the Galaxy had offered him a family. That wasn’t normal, not in the least. It was a whole lot better.

Stranger Things Stephen’s fought future predators before, and he’s faced sabretooths and raptors and all the like. But is that really a raccoon? (Crossover with Primeval)

The Virtues of Space Piracy He's been impaled in an abandoned vault on a planet where basically no one lives. Yondu is still three hours away, and Peter's bleeding.

Waking Nightmare There’s no way he’s just been abducted by aliens and taken aboard a strange spaceship that smells like the worst body odor in the world. (pre movie)

Agent Carter

The Spy and the Butler She’ll prove Howard Stark is innocent, and she’ll prove her worth in the meantime. And if she needs a butler from time to time, then that’s a necessary means to an end. (S1)

Team Player This was what it meant to be part of a team, to know that the outcome was not solely yours, for better and for worse. (post S1)

Agents of SHIELD

Between Heaven and Hell When it comes to Bobbi, Lance has had heaven, and Lance has had hell. (S3)

Feel the Tide Jemma knows what she has to do. (S2)

The First Law of Thermodynamics They just have to find it again. (spoilers for the S1 finale)

Five Conversations with Fitz Fitz is in a coma; the team holds a vigil, each in their own way. (spoilers for the S1 finale)

Rip It From My Hands (You Swear It's all Gone) Eventually, it all sounds like hail HYDRA to him. (Fitz centric, spoilers for up through 1.20)

A Spell I Could Not Break That’s when Jemma realizes, she loves Fitz; she knows Fitz. She just doesn’t know herself very well at all. (spoilers for the S1 finale)

Other Fic

The A-Team (movie)

Acceptable Margins They all know Murdock’s crazy, but sometimes they’re still not sure how crazy.

A Long Way From Mexico The plan came together, just not the way Hannibal expected.

The Reality of Fantasy Murdock’s crazy. It’s a conclusion he came to years ago, all on his own. It’s a bit surprising that it took the Army so long to figure it out.


The Right Foot Danny’s first day takes a turn for the worst. (A&E, AU 4.01)


Always a Chance The odds, really, were in their favor. Most cops lived pretty uneventful careers, even in New York City. But that was just true enough to make it more dangerous, to make the reminder all the more relevant. (Castle, later seasons, Ryan centric)

Cuts Like a Knife (and Bleeds on Through) Just a criminal hiding at a crime scene that Castle probably shouldn’t be at, a single stab in the dark, and slow and inevitable death. (Castle, S1, Castle/Beckett)

Going Forward In Reverse When she’d last seen her mother, she’d already been killed. It had been the worst moment of her life. This, however, is coming in a close second. (Castle S1, Castle/Beckett)

A Little Unwell “I’m sick,” he says, as mournfully as he can. (Castle S1, Castle/Beckett)

One More Shot at Living Castle likes dangers, finds danger, craves danger, and he always comes out on top. He does. (Castle S1, Castle/Beckett)


Chuck v The Gunshot It doesn’t really start with a gunshot, but as he’s lying on the ground, bleeding to death, that’s really the easiest place for Chuck to start. (Chuck, S4)

Covert Affairs

Just Another Mission Just another mission, she keeps telling herself. It’s been her mantra in the weeks since. It’s been her saving grace to get her back in active duty. (Covert Affairs, 2 parts, Post S1 finale)

Reasons It’s not the intel that matters most when Jai and Auggie embark on a mission together. (Covert Affairs, three parts, post season 2)


Blood, Bullets and Brothers Mac’s seen a lot of blood and he’s collected a lot of bullets. One more crime scene shouldn’t make much of a difference. This one does, though. (post S5)

Learning to Breathe Danny has a bad day; Mac probably has a worse one. (S1/S2)

Doctor Who

In the Loop Family was complicated. It made time travel look pretty damn easy in comparison. (S2, crossover with Thor)

In Want of a Spoonful of Sugar And that’s why you never accept medication you can’t identify. (Doctor Who, S5/S6)

Fairly Legal

Black and White Kate can see the world in shades of gray, but it's still all black and white to Justin. (Fairly Legal, season 1)

Win-Win Sometimes it's not about making everyone happy. Sometimes there is a winner and a loser. (Fairly Legal, season 1)


A Beautiful Mess But now the ship was overrun, Reavers everywhere, and knowing where they came from and that it wasn’t their fault really wasn’t much consolation when they were attacking the blast doors and ripping apart the rest of the ship. (Firefly/Serenity, missing scene to the movie)

Sticking to the Plan Mal and Simon go on a simple mission, but the ‘verse is never kind to Malcolm Reynolds. (pre movie)

We'll Go Home (And Start Again) Love is a choice. (Firefly/Serenity, missing scene to the movie)

The Flash (tv)

Stand The hard part is for the boy who spent his life running to learn to stop, to stand, to fight.


Strike for Love (Strike for Fear) Summary: She never asks him to stay. He always comes back.

Grey's Anatomy

Last One Standing It's just that Meredith likes to think she doesn't have to worry about Alex.

Losing Farther, Losing Faster The more Alex learns, he’s starting to think the amnesia is the good news.

Harry Potter

All That’s Left of You The Goblet knows who the champions should be, it knows who should compete, and who should watch. Somehow, it knows everything, all of it, even who Cedric Diggory could be. (Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire)


And All the World to Nothing This is his nightmare coming to life. This is everything he’s fought against. Only it's worse than he ever imagined. Because he knows that Nathan is going to die with him. (Heroes, post S1-finale)

James Bond

Between the Idea and the Reality Being a team had got them into this mess. It was going to have to get them out of it, too. (post-Spectre)

The Choices We Make Q is gifted at many things. But he’s not good at being undercover. Not good at all. (post-Spectre)

The Easy Things Getting Q out would be the easiest thing in the world. (post-Spectre)

The Real Thing Bond is good at games. Q, however, is the real thing. (Spectre)

Theory, Meet Application There’s a first for everything. (Skyfall)

Jurassic World

Lost and Found He’s not running to hide. He’s running to be found. (Post Movie)

Parks and Rex Jurassic World is more than a theme park. It's more than an educational experience, a scientific journey or even a business opportunity. It's a family. (Parks and Rec AU fusion)

Some Other Beginning's End Everyone here seems to relax in the knowledge that it’s over. But, for Claire, it feels like it’s just begun. (Post Movie)

The Librarians

And the Returned Favor Maybe I’m not your friend. But you’re mine.

That'll Be the Day That I Die Call it magic; call it fate; call it irony. But it is life now -- it is your life -- if you want it.

Live Free or Die Hard

The Hardest Part John McClane didn't think about winning or losing--in fact, he rarely seemed to be thinking at all in the last twenty-four hours. It was all survival mode, going from one point to the next, doing what he needed to do because he needed to do it. (Missing scene to Die Hard 4, based on the flight and landing of their helicopter ride.)

Magnificent Seven

In the Blood Man can bleed a whole lot more than that. Always seems like more than it is.

Something You Can Live With Because JD Dunne was a stupid kid with a bad hat and an over-eager sense of justice that perpetually got him into trouble. But he was Buck’s friend. And there was nothing he wouldn’t give for that.

Stupid Is JD can’t fix stupid, and he sure as hell can’t fix Buck. But he can ride.

Taking Things for Granted JD learns the hard way what really matters in his life.

The Man from UNCLE (Movie)

Expendable Agents were expendable. Missions weren’t.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Playing with Fire Ethan’s wife never died, and none of it was Brandt’s fault, and he gave up years of his career and he’s back in the game and in all honesty, he’s not sure what that means. He just knows that if he doesn’t get out of here soon, he’s going to get more than burned. He’s going to get burned alive. (post movie)


Changing Tides Sometimes the tides worked in your favor. And sometimes, Moana might learn the hard way, they didn’t.

Two of Us Moana returns to her island -- and to her pig. Things have changed more than she expected.


Fear to Tread All the men Treville sent to Savoy. And Aramis is the only one who is returning. Fortune is either very kind. Or very, very cruel.

Forbidden Fruits Aramis was a man of contradictions. A man of many virtues, maybe. And one vice to undo them all.

No Doubts The mission is cold; Athos’ faith in it is colder still.

A Penance Paid For all the things that Athos feels guilty about in his life, he knows that the thing he’d struggle with the most is the death of one of the men who follow him.

Rising to the Challenge D’Artagnan had always risen to the challenge. He determined that he would not fail now.

The Spirit is Willing Aramis’ decision to fast for God’s forgiveness goes about as well as the rest of his plans.

Weak Links And to think, Aramis left them. And here they are, unwavering.

New Tricks

The Burning Boy Luke couldn’t find the words. He found a lot of other things in the meantime. (New Tricks)

North Square

Square One And just when Morag thought she had something figured out, something new came along and threw it all entirely on its head, leaving her grappling desperately at square one all over again. (North Square, Johnny Boy/Morag)

Ocean's 11

All In Rusty doesn't need the big picture to know that something went wrong. Danny's simply not sure he wants to know the details. (Ocean's 11, post O13)

Brotherly Love Turk and Virgil have some issues to work out, a wedding to finish, and a huge debt to repay. Not necessarily in that order. Set during Ocean’s 12.

Pacific Rim

The First Line of Defense Rick Martinez, Billy Collins, Michael Dorset and Casey Malick were always going to be heroes. But when Kaiju make landfall, fate gives them a new chance to shine. (Pacific Rim fusion, AU for Chaos, but canon for Pacific Rim, spoilers for movie)

Five Times Herc Drifted Because the drift is hope and memory; it is future and certainty. It is unity and harmony; it is completion and silence. It is the best thing and the worst thing. (pre-movie spec, canon compliant)

Stammering Elocution (While the Poor Ship in Flames Went Down For most people, life is divided by the Kaiju. Before they attacked; after they attacked. Not Chuck. Chuck’s life follows a very different dividing line. Before he drifted with his dad. And after. (preseries spec, movie spoilers, canon compliant)

Ten Steps to the End of the World K-Day changed everything. For Stephen Hart, more than most. (fusion with Pacific Rim)

Parks and Recreation

The Best Campout Ever It’s the Annual Parks Department Campout. It goes about as well -- and as poorly -- as can be expected.

Boxcars and Regrets It just goes to show, Ron concludes after the fact, that nothing good can come of governmental action.

Home, Sick (And Other Ways to Say I Love You) Learn next time, how to be homesick appropriately.

It's the End of the World (And Andy Feels Fine) It’s the end of the world, which is mostly life as usual in the parks and rec department.

Parks and Rex Jurassic World is more than a theme park. It's more than an educational experience, a scientific journey or even a business opportunity. It's a family. (Parks and Rec AU fusion)

Phoenix Blue

Breaking the Surface Rick and Rachel figure out life together. (Phoenix Blue)


Almost Home When Ross loses everything, he still finds something worth living for. (preseries)

A Cause Worth Fighting For George finds another way to go after Ross, and this time it is Dwight who pays the price.

No Rest for the Wear He will work, he will toil, he will fight -- and by the sweat of his brow, he will keep death at bay. Even if it kills him. (S1)

Rise of the Guardians

Playing the Role So how does this work anyway?

Royal Pains

The D.L. And Hank was starting to get some really disturbing images in his head, which was more than enough reason to focus on one pressing issue at a time.  Safe sex lecture: much later.  The risks of underage drinking: as soon as he could fit it in.  Look at the bleeding hemophiliac: now. (Royal Pains, spoilers for Pilot, There Will Be Food)


20 Degrees of Addiction There was very, very little risk to Sherlock, by his own calculations.

Dangerous Things Sherlock can know everything, but he still doesn’t know people, and John doesn’t know everything but he knows people, and it’s just a little knowledge. And a very dangerous thing.

Star Trek (Enterprise)

Time Will Tell The beginning never changes. The rest, however, has always seemed open to interpretation.

Star Trek (reboot)

Acceptable Risks McCoy stages a rescue; it doesn’t go so well.

Better Left Unsaid The best things, the truest things, were the things you didn’t have to say.

A Captain's Job Bones did his part. Now it’s time to do his.

The Continuing Mission Jim knew his mission, even if it wasn’t the mission Starfleet sent him on.

A Lesson Learned Leonard McCoy has learned many things over the course of his career with Starfleet.

Taking Responsibility Whether Jim made this mess or not, he had to fix it.

Theory of Flight McCoy doesn’t like to fly. Kirk gives him another reason why.

Star Wars

Reconstruction If anyone could ask Rogue One what they thought of that, the audacity of hope, it’s pretty clear what they would say. They’d tell you that it’s a cause worth dying for. More than that, they’d want you to understand it’s one worth living for, too.


A Total Loss In the aftermath of extinction, Cade Yeager is coming home. Or, what’s left of it. (post Transformers 4)

White Collar

Choices Neal really didn't like guns. Needless to say, bullets weren't his friends either. (White Collar)

I Could See for Miles, Miles, Miles Neal has the gift of sight. (White Collar)

Playing the Odds At least it's not a gun. (White Collar)

Wild Kratts

Priorities on Point The suits -- they were just technology. And the Kratt brothers? They were only human.


As We Fell Into the Sun Peter’s still a loser, but now he’s a loser with a broken leg. (Apocalypse)

The Choices We Make Everything comes at a price. (Days of Future Past)

A Dying Breed A warpath always ends. (Days of Future Past)

Five Times Peter Almost Told Erik the Truth Erik’s not looking for a son. Peter tells himself he’s never looked for a father. There’s no reason to start now.

A House Divided When plagued by doubts, Charles has always retreated into his own mind, a powerful fortress that none could breach. Until now.

Out of the Frying Pan Charles would rebuild his school; he would reshape his legacy. He would help people: mutants and otherwise, and the world would be a better place. (Days of Future Past)

Scars that Never Felt a Wound They all need to recover after Apocalypse, and Charles is no exception.

Split Seconds But if anyone knows how much can happen in a split second, it’s Peter Maximoff.

Students and Soldiers Charles recruits students, not soldiers. If they become the same, somehow, that’s a problem to grapple with indeed.



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Cute!Dean icon post (Rory/Dean centric)

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100 Cute!Dean icons (Rory/Dean centric)

32 Royal Pains Icons from Pilot (multiple characters, Tucker focus)

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Large Multi-Fandom Post includes SPN (S3-S5), Psych (all seasons), Merlin (S1-S2), Hawaii Five-0 (1.01, 1.03)

32 H50 Icons includes eps 1.02-1.06, Danny centric, but all cast included

Christmas Gifts 2010 includes H50, Psych, Merlin, Supernatural, Ocean's 11/13, Twilight Eclipse, Covert Affairs

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Multi-fandom post Includes H50 (Danny centric), Chuck (with Chuck/Sarah vibes), and Fairly Legal (Justin centric)

Primeval/Chaos 44 Primeval, 24 Chaos (Highly Stephen and Billy centric accordingly)

James Murray centric Icons 24 Primeval, 24 Chaos, 24 Misc. other roles

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James Murray again 32 misc.

Christmas 2011 Chaos, Primeval, Hawaii Five-0, Covert Affairs, Star Trek, North Square.

32 misc. James Murray Primeval, Phoenix Blue, Cutting It, Chaos, and It's Alive.

44 icons 28 James Murray (Chaos, Cutting It, Krod Mandoon, Phoenix Blue, Under the Greenwood Tree), 16 Sherlock (S1)

52 icons 20 Primeval, 20 Chaos, 8 Under the Greenwood Tree, 4 Douglas Henshall

Christmas 2012 17 Primeval, 11 Miscellaneous James Murray roles, 9 Chaos, 8 Hawaii Five-0, 8 Skyfall, 4 Supernatural, 4 Sherlock, 3 Thor, 1 Random Tim Blake Nelson

Pacific Rim 20 misc.

Christmas 2014 11 X-Men Days of Future Past, 6 Parks and Rec, 3 Guardians of the Galaxy.

X-Men 32 X-Men Apocalypse (heavy focus on Charles and Peter)

Random Icons 12 Moana (Pua), 4 A-Team (the movie, Murdock), 4 A-Team (the show, Murdock centric), 12 Frozen (Anna, Elsa, Kristoff)