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do i dare or do i dare? [userpic]

Chaos ficlet: Reasonable 1/1

July 10th, 2011 (07:30 pm)
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Title:  Reasonable

Disclaimer:  Not mine.

A/N:  So, yeah.  This didn’t turn out as I intended it to.  eviinsanemonkey  asked for what’s on Casey’s bookshelf.   And, um, yeah :)  I apologize for typos and Twilight references.  Also, some of the titles referred to are real; some are not.  That's entirely random on my part.

Summary:  Casey’s apartment seems totally reasonable.  For the most part, anyway.


When they find out that someone is snooping around Casey’s apartment, Rick knows it’s a bad thing.  Spies are only functional if they can retain their anonymity.  The fact that someone has deemed Casey interesting enough to break and enter means they are either very, very stupid or very, very smart.  Whichever it is, it could mean the end of Casey’s career with the CIA or worse.

This is why Rick thinks that staking out Casey’s apartment seems totally reasonable.  Casey seems more annoyed by the inconvenience than worried about the threat and tells them all that while he will begrudgingly submit to their backup in this situation, he will by no means tolerate any extensive spying into the interior of his abode.

In some ways, Rick thinks this is reasonable, too.  He has never appreciated his teammates’ total  disregard of his personal space, and he often gets the sneaking suspicion that they’ve managed to bug his place and possibly his car.  He thinks they may have somehow paid the kid working at the convenience store down the block from him for information, too, but he has no concrete evidence of that.

It all seems less reasonable, however, when two armed men promptly bash through Casey’s door with no pretense of secrecy and every seeming intention of inflicting harm.

There’s a flurry of activity on the inside, and Billy’s already out of the car and running.  Michael is close on his heels and Rick finds himself playing catchup.  When he finally gets to Casey first floor unit, he finds the fight well underway.  Whoever these people are, they’re well trained, otherwise they’d be unconscious already.

As it is, the scuffle is quite the sight, with furniture broken and askew and the floor littered with Casey’s personal effects.  Casey is subduing one man while Billy seems to be distracting another with his face while Michael manages to come up behind him and finish the job.

By the time Rick remembers to actually go inside, it’s all over.

Casey is seething, eyeing his attackers with nothing short of total disdain.  Michael is preoccupied with disarming the men while Billy is getting to his feet, one hand checking the state of his bloodied nose while the other braces itself on Casey’s now disheveled bookcase.

Rick blinks for a moment, still processing what occurred.  “Any idea who they are?” he asks, voicing the relevant concern.

“Friends from Africa,” Casey spits with disgust.  He steps over one of the prone bodies.  “I’ve been on a few most wanted lists since I did a stint there in the 90s.”

“So how did they find you now?” Michael asks, riffling through one of the men’s pockets.

“Probably our mission to Sudan last month,” Casey says, picking up a broken lamp with an almost mournful look.  He turns his hateful stare toward Michael as he sets it up on an end table regardless.  “I told you we got tagged by the surveillance system.”

“We’ll look into it,” Michael promises, rolling the man over to bind his hands.

Rick ventures farther inward, looking warily at Billy, who seems to be somewhat unsteady on his feet. 

“You do make interesting friends,” Billy says with a nod, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose.

Casey glowers and turns another table upright.  “It’s a sign of my skill and prowess,” he says.  “I take it as a compliment.”

Billy nods.  “Only the best spies make the worst enemies,” he agrees, bending over shakily to lend a hand with the clean up process. 

When he nearly topples, Rick catches him.  “Easy,” he says, hauling the taller operative upright with a discernible effort.  “Looks like you hit your head pretty hard there.”

Billy laughs, grinning at Rick.  “You’ve got some time yet to worry about such things,” he says.  “You probably won’t make any mortal enemies for at least another year or two.”

Rick tries to smile back.  “Right now, let’s just worry about cleaning this place up,” he says.

Casey scowls, walking closer to them and picking up a few books and putting them back on the shelf.  “I had this perfectly arranged,” he mutters.  He turns a purposeful look at Billy  “Until you went and threw your thick skull into it.”

“At the time, it seemed like a decent idea,” Billy says, then winces slightly.  “However, in the aftermath, I might agree that as a general fighting tactic, it could use some improvement.”

Rick guides Billy toward the only seat still standing and pushes him down.  It’s a testament to Billy’s head wound that he acquiesces. 

Still, the Scot can’t seem to help but look back at Casey fondly.  “Though I dare say you could do with some redecorating,” he suggests.  “It’s awfully bland in here, mate.”

Moving back toward the shelf to help the clean up, Rick can’t disagree.  The walls are sparse, the furniture minimalistic.  There’s a small TV in the tiny living space, but no photos.  The only effects seem to be obscure relics, sundry weaponry, and a plethora of books.

And plethora hardly does it justice.  It’s almost a library.  Bending over, Rick picks a book up.  “The Art of Tae Kwon Do,” he reads.  He glances at Casey.  “So are most of your techniques self taught?”

Casey glares at him, snatching the book away.  “The CIA provides some adequate training opportunities,” he says.  “But to truly excel, it’s necessary to devote extensive time to my personal betterment.”

Rick picks up another book on self defense, followed by one about karate.  He pauses to lift an eyebrow at Casey before shelving them.

Casey shrugs.  “Worldwide skills for a worldwide job,” he explains.  “It’s impossible to say what fighting technique my opponents might employ.  I choose to be well prepared.”

Again, this seems reasonable to Rick and he continues shelving the books without further commentary.  The large volumes of world history seem completely natural, as does the extensive literature on war and combat.  He can even make sense of titles such as Love and Torture in the Middle Ages and The Revolutionary Techniques of the Inquisition.  He almost expects the autobiography on Ronald Reagan and the myriad of titles espousing conspiracy theories and wholesome living.

A yellow book entitled Servants of Satan is somewhat less self-explanatory, but Rick’s willing to give Casey the benefit of the doubt given the historical drawing on the cover.

It takes some time, but Michael gets the men secured and has backup on the way.  Casey almost has his furniture back in order, save the broken pieces.  Billy’s nose has stopped bleeding, but Michael seems to shake his shoulder every couple of minutes to keep him from drifting.  And Rick bends over to scoop up the last few books, all well worn paperbacks.  As he moves to shelf them, he stops.

Twilight?” he asks before he can stop himself.  “You have the entire series?”

Movement in the room seems to stop.  Michael looks at Casey, almost curious, and Billy quirks an eyebrow.  “And here I thought you knew nothing of good literature,” he says.  “Though let me guess, you’re Team Edward.  All that strength and self-control, harnessing the beast within.  Right up your alley.”

Rick’s actually too shocked to laugh.

Casey huffs slightly, moving toward Rick to snatch the books away.  “You can never underestimate the power of cultural phenomenon,” he says, as reasonably as ever.  “We’re spies.  We have to be connected to the popular world if we’re going to evade and circumvent it.”

Rick doesn’t know whether to listen or laugh.  He’s still getting over the image of Casey reading about teenage vampire angst before going to sleep at night.

“And I’d never be one of the Cullens,” Casey continues with a pointed look at Billy.  “Their humanitarian vegetarianism is an unnecessary vulnerability.  The Volturi offer a far more practical and effective means of authority and government.”

Billy inclines his head as if to show his deferential agreement.

Michael shakes his head and gets back to work.

Rick keeps staring.

Casey stops to stare back.  “What?” he snaps at him.  “You think I don’t know about the copy of Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret? that you keep tucked in your nightstand?”

And suddenly, Casey’s reading of Twilight seems like the most reasonable thing in the world.


Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 11th, 2011 12:52 am (UTC)

omg, I love it.
it's so brilliant.
And I am now imagining Casey writing a treatise on the practical applications of pop-culture...
Or Twilight Meta.

(you're up)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 11th, 2011 01:20 am (UTC)
billy earnest

It actually makes sense that Casey would be well verse in, well, everything. But the idea of him reading about Bella Swan's heart being torn between a vampire and a werewolf makes me laugh a lot.

(Can I take the easy way out and just ask for straight up Billy whump? Something gratuitous? Maybe bloody? All this talk of it makes me want more of it.)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:12 pm (UTC)

I can imagine him yelling at Bella while he's reading, and it's kind of a lovely mental image...

(here you go. It wound up silly...sorry)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:21 pm (UTC)
billy likes

Bella would probably drive him insane and with totally good reason. She sort of drove me insane!

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:21 pm (UTC)

I am absolutely convinced that if those books had had no Bella (and, therefore, no canon romance issues) they would've been so much better! (of course, they probably would've had to be written by someone else...)

(omg our icons are pointing at each other...)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:24 pm (UTC)
billy likes

I know! I actually like the series despite the fact that Bella is one of the most annoying characters ever. Something about the universe she created fascinates me but seriously, Bella needed to shut up by the end of it all.

(hee! I rather like that, actually! If Billy saw another version of himself, I sort of think that's what his reaction would be.)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:26 pm (UTC)

I couldn't finish it. Edward was too gross and Bella was too whiny...I barely made it through the first two.

(lol, it probably would)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:28 pm (UTC)
billy likes

I thought the second book was by far the hardest one to get through because after awhile Bella was just so ridiculous that I wanted to throttle her. But the third one was significantly better and the fourth one had its ridiculous moments but then it also gave us entire chapters from the wolves POVs, which I enjoyed a lot more.

(Dang, now I kind of want to write a Billy meets Stephen fic.)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)

I got mad at the third one and almost threw it against the wall. I don't remember why...

(DO IT!)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:31 pm (UTC)
billy likes

LOL! I can't say I totally blame you. It's one of those series that I like against my better judgment.

(Ack, I need more time to WRITE. Why must I have a real life?!)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:32 pm (UTC)

Hee, it happens. I have a few of those...

(I ask myself that question often, lol)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC)

(It really does seem entirely unfair....)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:35 pm (UTC)

(it would certainly make the massive number of ideas I have seem less intimidating if I could just write and not have to think about anything else)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
stephen skeptical

(I know. I would be far less insane, too, I think. Right now I feel like I'm barely keeping up with the various plot bunnies. And eee! You used a Nick and Stephen icon!)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:38 pm (UTC)

(lol, yeah, that, too...Haha, yeah, I decided to break out what Primeval icons I have/have found)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:40 pm (UTC)
stephen's eyes

(I approve. And now I need to go read something Primeval)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:41 pm (UTC)

(I need to go watch something Primeval now...but I'm trying to finish this book...and failing)

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:42 pm (UTC)

(We'll both have to make an effort. But now I have a three year old demanding that I go to his room to snuggle so I probably should. See? Real life!)

Posted by: Evil Insane Monkey (eviinsanemonkey)
Posted at: July 12th, 2011 12:43 pm (UTC)

(Indeed. D'aw, :) cute)

Posted by: lukadreaming (lukadreaming)
Posted at: July 11th, 2011 06:14 am (UTC)

LOL at the thought of Casey having the complete Twilight - and at Rick not being sure if his team-mates are bribing the kid at the store!

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 11th, 2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
billy watches

I imagine Casey is full of such surprises :)


Posted by: blackdog_lz (blackdog_lz)
Posted at: July 11th, 2011 07:48 am (UTC)

Oh my good, I'm giggling at the idea of Casey reading Twilight :)
And yeah, the team totally paid the kid from Rick's grocery store.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 11th, 2011 12:52 pm (UTC)
billy earnest

I knew I wanted to find something ridiculous for Casey to have read, and when Twilight came to mind it really worked :)

And poor Rick. At least the team is mostly doing it for his own good. (LOL, mostly...)


Posted by: nietie (nietie)
Posted at: July 13th, 2011 02:29 pm (UTC)

Casey has so many mysteries LOL

I had the complete Twilight :p, but gave the books away. Reading them once was great, without knowing where the story was going, but I don't feel the need to reread.

Posted by: do i dare or do i dare? (faye_dartmouth)
Posted at: July 13th, 2011 03:24 pm (UTC)
twilight edward run

It's part of what makes Casey so fun :)

I still have my complete set but haven't reread them. It's a series I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I enjoyed, but I really did end up liking them. And the fact that I ended up writing fic about it is just a testament to that ;)

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