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Star Wars fic: Five Times C3PO Was More Than a Protocol Droid

Title: Five Times C3PO Was More Than a Protocol Droid

Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: I’m super late! kristen_mara had a birthday earlier this month, and as she is a truly lovely and amazing person, I promised to write her a fic. She requested something about C3PO, and this is what I came up. I don’t promise that my Star Wars canon is perfect, but I’m hoping I got the gist of things okay. There’s just a lot of canon to master! Kristen, I’m not sure what you were looking for, but I tried. You deserve all the good things always, so I will always do what I can :) It’s always great to celebrate someone as worthy as you! Also: this is wildly unbeta’ed. As in, I didn’t even really read it over. So, if something is totally wanky, I apologize now.

Summary: C3PO is a protocol droid. He knows this, and he knows this very well. It is part of his programming, after all. In order to avoid possible confusion, he is sure to tell everyone just what his functionality is as soon as he meets them. Unfortunately, they very rarely listen to him.

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Primeval fic: Recovery (1/2)

Title: Recovery

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: For kristen_mara. This Christmas, she went back to a shared love of ours and requested something about Stephen and Cutter. I happily obliged and wrote yet another fix-it set after 2.07. Some things never get old :) Merry Christmas, Kristen!

Summary: Stephen couldn’t remember a damn thing.

Part One
Part Two

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